14 December 2011

Interview: Susan Hurrell Fieldes

For those of you that like monoprinting,
here is a NZ Printmaker that you will enjoy:
Who are you? 
Susan Hurrell Fieldes 
I am a printmaker, living in Auckland, new Zealand. 
I was introduced to printmaking 30 years ago. 
I went back to school as an adult student 
to take university entrance and bursary art,
printmaking was part of the curriculum. 

I’m trained as a music teacher,
though these days I spend most of my time working on my art.

Susan Hurrell Fieldes
Artist in residence, Carmel College, 2011
What is your favourite thing about printmaking? 
From the very start, printmaking felt just right. 
It was like coming home.
Now, it’s who I am, I can’t not do it!
To go into my studio each day,
to smell the smell of the work, 
it’s where I live.
My determination is to be the best printmaker I can possibly be. 
It’s my passion!
Susan Hurrell Fieldes, #30 from the series "Layers of Her", 2011

Describe your most memorable printmaking moment
This year I was fortunate to have two solo shows:
one in Wellington, the other in New York. 
They reinforced for me that I was an artist.

Susan Hurrell Fieldes, #38(NY#1) from the series "Layers of Her", 2011
What/who influences your work? 
Initially it was the prints of Jim Dine that inspired me. 
I loved the way he turned “the right way to printmake” on it’s head. 
He used whatever was at hand to make marks: power tools, hammers. 

Right now, most of my work is monotype prints. 
This world was unlocked for me by Ron Pokrasso.
I feel this was when I came fully alive as a printmaker.
I am also inspired by the work of Antoni Tapies. 

Each year I travel to New York to work with two master printmakers, 
Kathy Caraccio and Dan Welden.
I’m exposed to a huge variety of print work 
and this can’t help influence and stimulate me. 

Susan Hurrell Fieldes, #16 from the series "Layers of Her", 2011

Can you offer a small piece of printmaking advice? 
Perhaps the main thing I’ve learned in New York is 
that there is no one way to make a print,
every artist needs to find their own path 
and speak their own voice.

Susan Hurrell Fieldes2011
Monotype print
"The body of work around this comes from 
the photographs I took in my last trip to NY in April.
The street art fascinates me; the graffiti, the etchings in the footpath, on the roads,
the crumbling pedestrian markings, the smells, the noise...mostly, the energy."

You can see more of Susan's work on her website:

12 December 2011

Woodblock Workshop, 13-15 Jan, Auckland

Artsight is running a workshop in Auckland on 13–15 January 2012.

Looking at themes of the carnival and celebration 
Brazilian born Printmaker Annie Sandano combines pattern and animal motifs 
with exquisite embossing to create visually rich artworks. 
In this three day workshop with Annie you will explore 
woodblock techniques, printing and embossing. 
You will develop a series of three works based on a theme of your choice, 
fitted into their own hand printed and hand made box. 
Suitable for both beginning printmakers and those with some experience. 
Cost $410 (or $370 early bird fee if paid by Dec 20)

Annie Smits Sandano, Kapua Cloud Fantails, 2010

Annie Smits Sandano was born in Brazil and grew up in NZ. 
She graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts, 
has studied at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design 
and spent a semester attending Fine Arts College SACI in Florence. 
Annie has participated in numerous group exhibitions throughout NZ, Australia 
and select cities in the USA, and has had several successful solo shows at Seed Gallery. 
Annie is represented by galleries all over NZ, 
and her pieces feature in collections all around the world. 
An important part of Annie’s practice is the donation of artwork 
to numerous organisations to raise funds for various causes.

Annie Smits Sandano, Kokowhai Rauponga with Tuis, 2007

Click here for the make enquiries or to book:

08 December 2011

International Open Print Show, 10 Dec-7 Jan, Kerikeri

Art at Wharepuke's 2nd International Open Print Show
opens this Saturday 10 December in Kerikeri
and will conclude on 7 January 2012.

Beatrice Carlson, La Boutique, 2011
Solarplate etching

Melissa Smith, Tilt, 2011

Eva Toker Jawerbaum, Corners, 2011

The exhibition includes work by 23 artists from 14 different countries 
in a variety of printmaking techniques. 

A shortlist of prizewinners has been drawn up and their work will be  
judged by an international panel of expert printmakers and gallery directors. 
The first prize will be a solo show at Art at Wharepuke and gallery representation in NZ. 
A full colour catalogue of the exhibition will also be published.

Blair Craig, Small Black Cookie, 2011

Susie Turner, Falling Leaves III, 2011

Lyndon Keene, Coromandel Harbour II, 2011

Eugen Buchner, Fibula, 2011

For those of you who can't make it to Kerikeri during that time,
all works from the show can be seen on Art at Wharepuke's Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/art_at_wharepuke/sets/72157628311970899/

07 December 2011

Christmas Show, 12-23 Dec, Christchurch

PaperGraphica's Christmas Show 
will be opening on Monday 12 December at 5.30pm,
located at 192 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch.

 This exhibition features a range of artists including works by
Rudolf Boelee, Nigel Buxton, Barry Cleavin, Ruth Cleland,
Denise Copland, Fatu Feu'u, Kristin Hollis, Ralph Hotere,
Mary McFarlane, Fran Maguire, Isaac Neame, James Robinson,
Helm Ruifrok, Margaret Silverwood, Martin Whitworth and Eion Stevens.

Exhibition concludes on Friday 23 December.
The gallery will be reopening on 18 January 2012.

03 December 2011

Screenprint Workshop, 9-13 Jan, Wellington

Inverlochy Art School in Wellington are also offering a 5-day screenprinting workshop
as part of their Summer School programme from 9-13 January 2012
It will be taught by Bruce Mahalski

Screen-printing is a fascinating, flexible and versatile medium, 
where you can print virtually anything onto almost anything. 
If you have always wanted to print your own t-shirt, 
clothing, poster or paper, then this is the class for you! 

For beginners as well as more experienced people, 
this course will teach a wide range of screen-printing techniques. 
Learn how to bring your design ideas to life. 
The course will cover the basics of screen-printing 
on paper and printing posters as well as fabric printing. 

Fee: $380 
A screen or screens will have to be purchased for $38 each, 
all other basic materials supplied. 

02 December 2011

Colour Intaglio Workshop, 9-13 Jan, Wellington

Inverlochy Art School in Wellington are offering a workshop
called Just Add Colour - Colour (Intaglio) Printmaking
as part of their Summer School programme
 from 9-13 January 2012

Christine Porter (AU), Moon Dreamer, 2010
Multi-plate colour etching, 6x7cm, edition of 90

This workshop concentrates on the printing part of (intaglio) print-making. 
Five days of exploring the many ways of adding colour 
to an already etched plate or on plates created in class. 
There’ll be no actual etching with acid this week: 
the cheap easy drypoint alternatives are a way to learn transferable skills 
and as legitimate artwork in themselves. 
Working small at first, we will create a library of marks and techniques – 
each student will compile and bind their many inking, wiping 
and printing experiments into a self-printed, studio resource artists’ book. 
Most will edition at least one print. 

Topics include comparing various inks, selective wiping, blending and mixing colours, 
spot colours, multi-plate printing, ink alternatives, the safe studio and much more. 
Both beginning and experienced printmakers are welcomed and catered for.
Fee: $360

Australian professional artist, teacher and editioning printer 
Christine Porter has achieved global success with her artwork. 
Her etchings have been exhibited in galleries across Australia and internationally. 
Her Bachelor of Visual Arts (majoring in Printmaking) from Southern Cross University 
has heightened her understanding of contemporary art practice 
without it changing her knowledge of traditional methods and image making processes. 
She loves just about everything to do with printmaking 
and enjoys the challenge of teaching in a multi-level classroom.

01 December 2011

Interview: Steve Lovett

Who are you? 
Stephen Lovett (also called Steve)

I have been teaching at Manukau School of Visual Arts 
since the school opened its doors in 1995. 
My BFA and MFA (from Elam) were done 10 years apart, 
which seemed enough time to process the learning and respond, 
grow get over the experience in my art practice. 

In New Zealand print is a strange entity, 
weighed down by an encumbered history and distorted 
by an approach that conceives of the medium as a means to produce multiples. 
Printmaking and/or print-media are ably suited to do task. 
But this task is often what print is seen as being for, 
as opposed to being a contentious medium that implicates us all in the processes 
by which we are and our actions in the world are represented to ourselves and to others. 

I have collected printed images and ephemera all my life. 
Printed images and texts are incredibly powerful and utterly ubiquitous. 
They inform and reinforce our views of the worlds we inhabit and move through. 
Printed images have the power to confirm and contest who we think we are, 
or think we may be and how we are in the world. 
That’s how I became interested in making printed images. 

Steve Lovett, I Worked, 2011
I am presenting the first of two new bodies of work 
at the Papakura Art Gallery from 26 November - 24 December. 
The second body of work will be show in early 2012 
at the Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic. 
These new works look the performance of print 
and are focused on questions of the value and location of art labour. 
After that I am setting aside time to develop a writing project 
focused on the contemporary print practice in Aotearoa New Zealand 

Steve Lovett, Along The Edge, 2011

What is your favourite thing(s) about printmaking? 
I’ve said this in various conference papers in recent years, 
printed work carries with it the potential to be engaged with
 the sharpest and most decisively critical edge 
of cultural, political and technological debate and action 
because that is the defining character of the medium from its birth in the west. 
Constantly in flux print is driven by technologies 
that ‘fall out’ of industry to be inflected and infect by artists. 
Recognising this history and context for contemporary practice, 
the real foundation for print what we potentially engaging with 
is one that always a contentious practice. 

Steve Lovett, Print Object, 2011

Describe your most memorable printmaking moment. 
There have been many, since I’ve been making images for ages. 
But most recently I’ve been printing some monochromatic hexachrome separations 
with metallic and transparent grey inks on both gessoed board and cotton rag papers. 
Nice technical accomplishment. 

IMPACT & in Melbourne this year was excellent. 
The keynote paper by Paul Coldwell that examined print 
in the context of folio to installation was fantastic. 

Steve Lovett, Performed Obseved, 2011

What or who influences your work and/or subject matter? 
There are lots. 
In the film The September Issue the Vogue creative director Grace Coddington 
notes the importance of keeping all receiving channels open to new information. 
For me what this sets up is a relationship between the isolation and solitude of making 
and need for a constant engagement with the world. 

Steve Lovett, Float, 2010

Can you offer some print-related advice to share with other NZ Printmakers? 
Um, look at lots of different stuff. Reads lots. Listen to new stuff. 
Work as much as you can in ways that you don’t know how to control properly. 
If I can see that something has been made already in a certain way, 
then I’ll make something else. Let stuff fail. 
Throw stuff away, give it away, destroy it, create room for new stuff. 
Keep moving. Keep making. Get excited and make stuff.

Steve Lovett, Work History, 2011

For more information about Steve, or view his online gallery, see:

26 November 2011

Minu, 29 Nov-4 Dec, Wellington

Minu will be exhibiting some prints 
in her upcoming show titled A Curious Nature
Opening on Tuesday 29 November at 6pm
and finishing on Sunday 4 December
at Thistle Hall, Cuba St, Wellington

Minu, The Donkey, 2011 

PS. For those of you in Auckland, there will also be an opportunity 
to see Minu's work at the Auckland Craft Fair 
on Saturday 10 December 11am-3pm

Or check out Minu's online shopping options at:

25 November 2011

Marian Maguire Talks, 3-4 Dec

Marian Maguire's The Labours of Herakles is currently showing in Palmerston North 
while her new series, Titokowaru's Dilemma, is on in Whanganui 
and she will be heading north to give artist talks in each venue 
on the weekend of the 3-4 December.

Marian will be talking about Titokowaru's Dilemma
11am Saturday 3 December at Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui
(free entry)

Then on Sunday 4 December at 2pm
Marian will talk about The Labours of Herakles
at Te Manawa Museum in Palmerston North
($10 entry includes afternoon tea)
Marian Maguire, What is History?, 2011
Etching, 31x38cm, edition of 30.

In both cases she will be expanding on the history, 
explaining some of the source material, describing her intention.

Titokowaru's Dilemma is also currently on show at PaperGraphica in Christchurch 
and can be viewed on their website: http://www.papergraphica.co.nz

24 November 2011

Alter Piece, 24 Nov-10 Dec, Auckland

 Seed Gallery's annual Christmas exhibition titled Alter Piece opens tonight!
The Preview is from 6-8pm at the Gallery: 23A Crowhurst St, Newmarket.
The exhibition will then run til 10 December but get in early to pick your favourites.

It includes 30 invited artists, working across various disciplines and media,
working with a set template: a 10x8cm, hinged wooden altarpiece. 
The resulting exhibition will showcase 300 miniature artworks 
reflecting each artist’s exploration of the possibilities of this form.

This exhibition presents a unique opportunity to acquire works
by some of our most promising artists for only $80 a piece. 
Work by the artists from NZ and abroad will be featured,
including these NZ Printmakers: 
John Pusateri, Ben Reid, Annie Sandano and Rebecca Thomson.

Annie Sandano
Rebecca Thomson
John Pusateri
Ben Reid

Robin White Talk, 1 December, Featherston

Just a quick note to let you know that there is a talk by Robin White
at 7.30pm on next Thursday 1 December,
hosted by the Featherstone Community Centre
(14 Wakefield St, Featherston).

Robin White is a well-recognised NZ artist.
She will be talking about one of her painting, titled Summer Grass
which has 12 panels and is 6m long!
It was inspired by the history of the Featherston POW camp.

Robin White, Summer Grass.

Although not specifically talking about printmaking,
I'm sure most of you will be familiar with her work.

This talk is open to anyone interested,
entry is by gold coin donation.

22 November 2011

A Happy Medium, 30 Nov-23 Dec, Wellington

Solander Gallery are having a festive 'cash & carry' exhibition 
titled A Happy Medium
which is opening on Wednesday 30 November 5-7pm
and will continue until 23 December

Featuring small affordable works with prices ranging from $85 to $300
Delectable nibbles (lovingly prepared by Plentifull Deli) 
will be served along with bubbles and wine.

Featured Artists include:
Alex Milsom, Alexis Neal, Basia Smolnicki, Catherine Macdonald, 
Cerisse Palalagi, Chris Adams, Damon Kowarsky, David Sarich, 
Ellen Giggenbach, Emma McCleary, Esther Hansen, Faith McManus, 
Fleur Williams, Graham Hall, Inge Doesburg, Jacqueline Aust, Jacqui Colley, 
Jo Ogier, Kim Lowe, Kyoko Imazu, Kyla Cresswell, Lynn Taylor, Manu Berry, 
Maree Horner, Margaret Silverwood, Mark Graver, Marty Vreede, Michele Bryant, 
Rachael Garland, Sam Broad, Sheyne Tuffery, Stanley Palmer, Vanessa Edwards.

20 November 2011

Steve Lovett, 26 Nov-24 Dec, Auckland

An exhibition of Steve Lovett's latest prints
will be shown at Papakura Art Gallery, 10 Averill St, Papakura,
from 26 November til 24 December.

Large screenprinted images on both board and paper,
they are mostly photographic in nature but definitely have a 'printerly' edge;
simultaneously showing a proficiency of digital technologies and hand-made execution.

I've seen most of the works, and think they are very cool -
very unusual in terms of scale, surface quality, technical, colour, 
layering, and the play on reproduction of images in print.

These are some great examples of diverse print practice,
yet it makes a cohesive (and substantial) body of work.
I highly recommend you go take a look! 

19 November 2011

Acrylic Resist Etching Workshop, 5-6 Feb, Kerikeri

There are only a few places available for a two-day workshop 
for Acrylic Resist Etching 
at Wharepuke Print Studio in Kerikeri on 5-6 February 2012

The workshop will cover etching with copper and/or aluminium, 
using safe techniques and water based etching inks. 
No experience is necessary and all materials are included,
and the course only costs $190!

There is on site accommodation in self-contained eco cottages subject to availability.

To register your interest, get further details sign up for the workshop,
or see his website www.nontoxic-printmaking.co.nz for more information.

18 November 2011

24 Hours, Group Print Project, 20 Nov, Ireland

Antonia O'Mahony (a NZ printmakers currently living in Ireland)
sent me an email about an interesting print project happening there this weekend,
 I thought you might be interested in hearing about:

24 Hours is collaborative print project involving artists from 
The collaboration 
sprung from a passion for the medium of print 
and willingness 
to the push the boundaries 
of what is sometimes perceived as a traditional art form.

The 24 Hours group comprises of established artists, including: 
In the past, their careers have overlapped in different capacities
 and this has created a level of dialogue and interaction that has led to this project.

The aim is to encourage new creative ways of working with the medium of print 
enabling the public to engage with the creative process 
in a unique collaborative environment.
 The artist will have full use of the entire printmaking studio 
and can use the etching, lithography, silkscreen, 
photography and digital print areas to make works. 
Some may work through the night, or catch a few hours on a camp bed in the studio. 

and projected on the walls of alternative venues across the city. 
Cameras will be placed around the workshop 
and the artists will take it in turn to wear a camera-mounted headpiece 
that allows the viewers to experience the full creative process as the artist sees it.

The artists will gather at Cork Printmakers at noon on Saturday 19 November
(*so it will run all day Sunday 20 November NZ-time)
They will have 24 hours to create a collaborative body of work 
based on the theme 'National Interest'. 
Prior to the project, the artists have debated the topic,
 and as a result of this have decided that the artwork should have a short lifespan, 
the work will be created within 24 hours, and exhibited and shredded the same day. 

The artists will then reconstruct another art piece(s) 
out of the shredded material which will be exhibited on 3 December in Cork. 
Creating something beautiful and then destroying it seems an extreme gesture 
but reflects on the concept that everything is impermanent, that life is a cycle, 
and this time of national and global upheaval will also pass,
 things will mutate, alter and transform.


17 November 2011

Printing Time, Nathaniel Stern, 18 Nov - 5 Dec, Kerikeri

Printing Time, an exhibition of works by Nathaniel Stern (USA/South Africa),
opens tomorrow and will be on display from 18 November to 5 December
at Art at Wharepuke, in Kerikeri

Printing Time is a suite of 18 performative prints, each an edition of 5, 
produced especially for this show at Art at Wharepuke. 
Art at Wharepuke is delighted to present Nathaniel’s work for the first time in New Zealand.

Nathaniel Stern (USA/SA), Rustling, 2011
Pigment on watercolour paper, 24x42cm, edition of 5.

Nathaniel explains his works as “ (an) ongoing series; 
I strap a desktop scanner, laptop and custom-made battery pack to my body, 
and perform images into existence. 
I might scan in straight, long lines across tables, 
tie the scanner around my neck and swing over flowers, 
do pogo-like gestures over bricks, 
or just follow the wind over water lilies in a pond. 

The dynamism of my relationship to the landscape 
is transformed into beautiful and quirky renderings, 
which are re-stretched and coloured on my laptop, 
then produced as archival art objects. 
This series follows the trajectory of Impressionist painting, 
through Surrealism to Postmodernism, 
but rather than citing crises of representation, reality or simulation, 
my focus is on performing all three in relation to each other”.

Nathaniel Stern (USA/SA), Swerve, 2011
Pigment on watercolour paper, 24x42cm, edition of 5

Nathaniel Stern is an experimental installation and video artist, printmaker and writer. 
He has produced and collaborated on projects 
ranging from interactive and immersive environments, 
mixed reality art and multimedia physical theatre performances, 
to digital and traditional printmaking, latex and concrete sculpture. 

He has won many awards, fellowships, commissions and residencies 
between South Africa, America, and all over Europe. 
Nathaniel holds a design degree from Cornell University, 
studio-based Masters in art from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU), 
and research PhD from Trinity College Dublin. 
He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Design 
at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

For more images and information on the show see his website: 

16 November 2011

Get Featured Here!

As we draw near to the end of the year,
seems like we are all busy with various projects
and looking forward to Christmas and the summer holidays etc.

So I'm looking for some interesting new stories 
to feature here on the NZ Printmakers website...

Perhaps you are making work for an upcoming printmaking exhibition?
Or playing around with a new product or technique?
Maybe you can think of some aspect of printmaking 
for which you can share some of your expertise?
School teachers might like to share ideas for resources or projects?
Do you know of summer workshops in your area?

Also, if you want to create a short blurb about a fellow printmaker's work,
or to summarise some important historical or contemporary print issues,
or to write reviews for printmaking exhibitions, 
then I'm keen to hear from you!

15 November 2011

Print Salon, 22 Nov-24 Dec, Auckland

Print Salon is a group show including various printmaking processes 
such as intaglio, drypoint, solarplate and screenprint.
It will be on at Satellite Gallery in Auckland from 22 November to 24 December,
with the opening event on next Tuesday 22 November 5:30–7pm.

It will include works by Philippa Bentley, Lianne Chua, Sue Cooke, 
Julia Ellery, Julienne Francis, Faith Thomas, Susan Hurrell-Fieldes, 
Ellen Reimann-Filby and Fleur Williams.
Print Salon will be shown alongside an exhibition of works by
Prudence MacDougall and Tina Frantzen.

14 November 2011

Chimera, Prudence Mac Dougall, 22 Nov-10 Dec

Prudence Mac Dougall's Chimera exhibition
 opens on Tuesday 22 November at Satellite Gallery in Auckland.
She invites you to come see the artworks at the gallery
as well as 4 'morning teas' in which you can come talk to her about the work.

The chimera is an extraordinary fire breathing creature from Greek mythology. 
It was initially a grotesque combination of a lion, a goat and the serpent 
and the central figure of one of the earliest legends depicted in Greek art. 
However, the definition can apply to any imaginary creature made up of different animals.

The word chimera is also used to refer to organisms that contain genially different material 
and it is this definition that Prudence Mac Dougall explores 
in her newest body of solar plate etchings: the ‘Chimera’ suite. 

After graduating with distinction from Elam School of Fine Art in the mid 1980s 
Prudence traveled, studied and exhibited extensively internationally. 
including The British School in Rome, International School of Art in Umbria 
and The Byam Shaw School of Art in London. 
Prudence has also exhibited with many galleries in and around New Zealand
and has works in many private collections in New Zealand and overseas. 

Her art practice has always operated like a stage: setting a scene 
that reflects her real life experience and explores the dynamics of human relationships. 
Her intention when creating images is to recreate a significant moment in time 
as if glimpsed through a transformative lens, 
offering us fantastical visions from an amazing and magical world. 

Although strongly influenced by Goya, 
Prudence’s fantastical beasts are always portrayed with great humor and charm; 
creations more at home in children’s fairy tales than the horror of night mares.

13 November 2011

Experimental Print Workshop, 7-9 Jan, Whangarei

The Quarry Arts Centre in Whangarei are hosting their annual Summer Do 
(2012 marks the 25th year of the Summer Do!) 
which includes a 3-day workshop in Experimental Printmaking
from Saturday 7 to Monday 9 January, being taught by Joan Travaglia. 

Joan Travaglio, NZ Tui and Blossom, 2009
painted vinyl engraving, 8x6cm, edition of 40
This will be a fun workshop which will teach you to make 
woodcut, monoprint & monotype artist prints. 
Students will be encouraged to experiment 
with reduction, multi-block and embossed printmaking methods. 

This workshop is suitable for beginner and experienced artists,
and assistance will be given at every stage.

and they will send you more information about the cost, content and materials lists.
Maximum of 12 people, so register early to avoid missing out!

12 November 2011

Cardboard Intaglio

I just recently heard about an interesting process
which is a form of cardboard printing / 'engraving'.

Julienne Francis went to a workshop in Melbourne recently
which was taught by Christine Willcocks (AU). Julienne said:
 "The workshop with Christine was excellent. 
Cardboard is a pretty humble material to work with, 
but it has many possibilities and paths of development 
which of course one cannot explore in a couple of days. 
The process not unlike Stanley Palmer's bamboo engravings."

Christine Willcocks (AU), Congruere I, 2010

Incised cardboard with ink stain on lockta paper, 65 x 80cm

 I'm looking forward to seeing both the plates and the prints.
Seems like it could be a brilliant introductory process
to explain and explore the basics of intaglio etching,
or as a cost-effective alternative to metal or plastic plates.

Christine Willcocks will be coming to NZ soon
and I will keep you informed of when & where her workshop(s) will be. 

11 November 2011

Open Print Studio Day, 19 Nov, Takapuna

 Studio Printmakers' Collective are having an 'Open Day' 
next Saturday 19 November at their Print Studio 
which is located in the Barracks Building of the Lake House Arts Centre
37 Fred Thomas Dr, Takapuna, Auckland 

The studio is set up primarily for intaglio and relief printing 
although it can also accommodate screenprinting.
It is equipped with 2 etching presses,1 book press, 2 large printing tables,
facilities for acid etching with vented acid box, UV light for screen exposure, 
an extensive printmaking library, including Imprint and Printmaking Today magazines.

The Print studio has several membership options you could consider, 
which allow you to: take part in Collective workshops, promotion on their website,
display artworks for sale in Lake House facilities,
take part in group exhibitions or print-related events put on by the Collective,
and to hire the print studio on a casual basis.

Studio Printmakers' Collective includes:
Carolyn Shaw, Patricia Grove-Hills, Catriona Caird, Diana Coleman,
Julienne Francis, Katherine Moyles, Prue MacDougall, Alex Lau, Trish Epati,
Michael Yoffe, Lianne Chua, Susanne Khouri, Susan Hurrell-Fieldes.

Any printmakers in Auckland would be very welcome to attend the Open Day
 if you are interested in finding out a little more about joining the Collective.

10 November 2011

PCA Print Commission - NZ Printmakers Challenge!

I want to challenge you NZ Printmakers to submit work to this!

  Print Council of Australia (PCA) is inviting artists to submit digital images of current work 
that they would like to have considered as an edition for the PCA 2012 Print Commission.

Although PCA have been sent submissions from around the world,
I heard that NOONE from New Zealand has ever submitted prints!!!
I think NZ has lots of fabulous printmakers, 
so we should be well represented in this collection,
so please forward this on to as many NZ printmakers as you can!

Glen Mackie (AU), Augud, 2011

You don't need to be a member of PCA to submit work for this Commission,
and all forms of printmaking (including digital) are welcome.

Lorelei Medcalf, The Surrogate, 2011

Just in case you want to know how it works:
An independent arts professional judges each artist’s portfolio of work 
and selects a final print to be commissioned from each. 
Each artist receives a supply of 50 sheets of BFK Rives (white) 
quality printing paper for editioning, provided by the sponsor, Canson Australia.
Selected artists each produce six artists’ proofs 
and an edition of between 30 and 40 prints for distribution to subscribers. 
PCA also pays an Artist’s Fee of $700 to assist with studio costs! 

Sarah Harvey (AU), Best in Show, 2011
The PCA aims to offer major promotional and professional opportunities for artists.
The 10 selected works are featured in Imprint Magazine and on their website,
and many PCA commissioned prints are purchased 
by public galleries and institutions as well as many private collectors. 

Melissa Smith, Understory, 2011

including an up-to-date CV and up to four images on CD of current work. 
Applications close 8 February 2012.