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Hi Printmakers!

  We love to see people using the wide spectrum of printmaking processes.
There are plenty of you printmakers out there, all over New Zealand,
but it isn't always easy to find information
so this site was set up to make it easier for artists, teachers and students
to 'keep in touch' with what's happening in printmaking in Aotearoa.

However, since Covid I just haven't had the time to keep this blog updated.
Since 2020, we found it easier to share information via NZ Printmakers page on Facebook 
so head over there to our Online Community to share:
  • exhibition invites
  • favourite printmaking websites
  • good online resources & how-to videos
  • reviews of print-related books you've read
  • other NZ printmakers that we could feature
  • NZ print studios for rent/hire
  • NZ galleries that sell original prints
  • suppliers of printmaking equipment
  • printmaking publications
  • details of upcoming conferences or workshops
  • print competition information NZers can enter
  • etc, etc, etc...