28 February 2011

Print a Car???

Here is another example of 'print' that is a bit 'alternative'
but I thought it a fun concept to share with you...

On 3 November 2010, London-based artist Jennifer E. Price
and a team of volunteers (art students) at UNC Charlotte,
impressed the image of a Dodge Caravan onto a 6x14m piece of fabric.

I suggest you just watch the first 4-5 minutes, you'll get the idea
(the rest of the video is the installation).

This large print and other related works were part of a special solo exhibition,
which was held at UNC in December 2010.

Would be a fun class project, but I don't think I'll be volunteering to my car!
What do you think???

26 February 2011

Woodcut Workshop at Inverlochy on 26 March

Inverlochy Art School in Wellington are offering this one day workshop:

Big, Bold and Beautiful Woodcuts
This is a one day workshop exploring the preparation, cutting and proofing of a woodblock
and how to create a second or third block from the key woodblock.
Students will create a two colour relief woodblock print in MDF board.
Use of equipment, inks, paper and registration will be discussed and demonstrated.
10am-5pm on Saturday 26 March
Being tutored by Basia Smolnicki, cost $140

For more details or to register, click on this link for the Inverlochy website 

25 February 2011

International Print Exchange of South Korea

The International Print Exchange of South Korea (IPESK)
 is going to be the first print exchange based in South Korea
with hopes of gathering an international collection of printmakers together
to share, network and exhibit work.

The theme for the 2011 exchange will be "Divided"
(As with most themed exhibitions and exchanges, the theme is not strictly enforced,
but is encouraged for the continuity and sophistication of the collection as a whole)

Artists are to send an edition of 15 identical prints,
using traditional (non-digital/photographic) printmaking techniques.
Each artist will get 13 random mixed prints in return.
Two prints from each edition will be held by IPESK
to be exhibited in at least one gallery in Seoul, South Korea in the spring of 2011.
An online gallery will show the list of participating artists and images of all the work.

Please contact IPESK via email to confirm participation in the exchange
and to be added to the website.

Due by no later than Friday 15 April 2011
Paper size: 7x7" (17.78cmx17.78cm)
 A US$ 30 participation fee is required to enter the exchange.
This will cover return shipping, curation of exhibits and opening reception expenses.

For more information see IPESK's website (very slow to load) OR IPESK on Facebook

24 February 2011

How Your Brain Sees

Saw this interesting clip of Beau Lotto talking about optical illusions.
Thought you might also find it interesting...

Beau Lotto's color games show what you can't normally see: how your brain works.
This fun, first-hand look at your own versatile sense of sight reveals
that you can't always trust your own perception of what you see.
Beau Lotto is founder of Lottolab, a hybrid art studio and science lab.

23 February 2011

International Residency in Ireland

John Pusateri passed on this information about Black Church Print Studio's
International Artists in Residence Call for Submissions.
(John was awarded this residency last year and found it fantastic!)

Black Church Print Studio would like to invite International artists
actively engaged or informed by contemporary printmaking practice
to apply for a four-week residency in the Black Church Print Studio, Dublin,
to take place in July 2011.

Black Church Print Studio is an artistic collective,
supporting and promoting the development of contemporary artistic practice
through the medium of printmaking.
This is done by providing a studio that facilitates printmaking in all its forms
and by promoting awareness and appreciation of fine art print in Ireland and abroad.
 Located in an award winning purpose-built premises at 4 Temple Bar, Dublin City.

The Studio provides professional printmaking facilities
and supports to seventy full-time members and non-member artists.

The International Residency Programme is an initiative of the Black Church Print Studio
established to facilitate contemporary artistic practice in the Studio
and to further the professional development of artists
by enabling the creation and production of new work,
fostering an exchange of ideas and influences, encouraging the sharing of expertise
and inspiring new works of art and creative collaborations.

•    Applicants must be practicing printmakers -
emerging, mid-career and established professional artists are invited to apply
•    Selected participants in this programme will receive accommodation,
studio equipment & facilities usage and technical and administrative support
•    Artists will have access to etching, lithography, screenprinting and relief presses,
basic materials, and to multi-media and digital equipment
•    Travel and material costs are the responsibility of the participating artist
•    This year’s residency is scheduled for a single four-week term in July 2011
•    The successful resident will be asked to complete two editions of works
completed during his/her residency and donate two prints from each to the Studio,
one for the Archive Collection and one for exhibition
•    The artists will be required to give a demonstration and seminar during his/her residency 

The closing date for receipt of applications is 5pm Monday 14 March 2011

Click here to read the ‘Residency Call’ information & application form

22 February 2011

Print Swap at Nathan Homestead

Here is an initation to celebrate print and Nathan Homestead's new press!
You are invited to participate in the Nathan Homestead Printswap
to be held 2.30-4pm on Saturday 12 March

They are asking for those wishing to participate to register to ensure you get a table space
(basically RSVP by email to either Toni Mosley  or Gabrielle Belz).
Please send this to any printmakers you know who might be interested.

They invite you to get all your old handmade prints to come out of storage and possibly find a new home!
This is a great chance to meet fellow print artists and increase your own collection of prints.
The only requirement is that the prints are hand-pulled or hand-printed strictly NO digital prints please.

We also want to extend this invite to any print collectors or those curious about print to come along.
The exhibition 'Hot Off the Press" will be on in the gallery
and there will be a Drypoint workshop - you can register for this at Nathan Homestead)
and you can see people working on the new press.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us as printmakers to connect
and share with the community to show what we do. So see you there!

**Just a note: there will be event being held in the Main Foyer also on this day
so there will be signs directing you to use the side door.
There will be limited parking, so you may want to consider parking on the street.

21 February 2011

Screenprinting Weekend Workshop at Inverlochy on 19-20 March

Inverlochy Art School in Wellington are offering this weekend workshop:

Screenprinting for Fabric and Paper
As well as teaching the basics of fabric printing using stencils and photo-emulsions,
this course will help students to create a piece of fine art on paper or on fabric. 
This course is suitable for both beginners and more experienced people.
9.30am-4.30pm on 19-20 March
Being tutored by Bruce Mahalski, cost $210

Bruce learned to screenprint for avant-garde Auckland fashion house Virus,
before starting his own screenprint clothing business, Fantastic Life.

For more information see this link on Inverlochy Website

20 February 2011


I saw this recently and thought it was interesting example
of thinking about 'print' in broader terms than just 'ink on paper'.

A piece of interactive 'print' furniture called Zitletter by Dutch artist Silas Nout. 
 It replicates letterpress, in that it transfers image by making an impression on carpet...

19 February 2011

Print Season 2011 Exhibition One

The first exhibition of Print Season 2011
is on 25 February - 5 March at St.Paul St Gallery Three in Auckland City.
The opening event is on this Thursday 24 February 2011 at 5.30pm.

It featuring work by Laura Marsh and Rosemary Nightingale,
who share a common engagement with the ideas of 'place'
and how this relationship inflects our cultural identities.

Rosemary Nightingale, 2010

In recent work Rosemary Nightingale took impressions of found rocks and
reproductions of historic maps to reflect the topography of the land in NZ national parks.

Laura Marsh, Nature Culture Nation, 2010

Laura Marsh’s recent exhibition The Trouble With Being A Proud Pākehā
approached the tricky terrain of Pākehā cultural and national identity
as it is constructed through a relationship to, and representation of the land.

18 February 2011

Print Season 2011

AUT are hosting a series of print-related events called Print Season 2011
which are running from 25 February - 30 April
at St.Paul St Gallery in Auckland City.

It looks at ways that artists respond to the presence and history of print in New Zealand
as well as the impacts of new technology
on the ways in which we create and relate to printed matter.

Featuring work from 8 artists across 4 exhibitions,
as well as a Print Fair and a Symposium.

I'll post these events individually so you know when they are coming up
or see the St.Paul St Gallery website for details.

17 February 2011

Hot Off The Press exhibition at Nathan Homestead

Nathan Homestead celebrates the addition of a new Colmar press to the studio
with a group show called Hot off the Press.

The exhibition will be open 24 February - 19 March
at Nathan Homestead, 70 Hill Rd, Manurewa, South Auckland

As the name suggests, Hot off the Press is new work made in late-2010 or 2011,
some work has been made on the new press. 
The new press will print up to size A2 paper and will be used in upcoming print workshops.

For further details, please email Gabrielle Belz
or phone Nathan Homestead on 09 267 0180

12 February 2011

Drypoint Workshop at Nathan Homestead on 12 March

Nathan Homestead in South Auckland are offering this workshop:

Drypoint Workshop
Learn how to prepare a plate for printing line and tone.
1-4pm on Saturday 12 March
Being tutored by Gabrielle Belz, cost only $25

Gabrielle Belz, Wahine Rangatira I, 2008
Drypoint, paper size 49x39cm, edition of 20.

For enrolment or further details, please email Gabrielle Belz
or phone Nathan Homestead on 09 267 0180

07 February 2011

Acrylic Resist Etching Workshop at Wharepuke, 5-6 March

Wharepuke Print Studio in Kerikeri is offering this weekend workshop:

Acrylic Resist Etching Workshop
The workshop is open to all levels of experience
Sat/Sun 5-6 March
Tutored by Mark Graver, cost is $190 (includes all materials)

 Places are limited and a non refundable deposit is required to secure a slot.
If you’re interested or would like more information please email Wharepuke Print Studio

06 February 2011

Monotype Workshop at Nathan Homestead on 26 February

Nathan Homestead in South Auckland are offering this workshop:

Monotype Printmaking Workshop
Use the monotype process to create painterly prints.
9.30am-3.30pm on Saturday 26 February
Being tutored by Toni Mosley,
Cost only $45 with all materials included!

Toni Mosley, Travail
For enrolment or further details, please email Gabrielle Belz
or phone Nathan Homestead on 09 267 0180

05 February 2011

Print Classes at Inverlochy in Term 1

Inverlochy Art School in Wellington are offering these printmaking classes in Term 1:

Woodcut and Etching
Learn the basics of print making and complete a print project of your choice.
This is a course to explore the graphic power of big, bold and beautiful woodcuts
or experiment with the more delicate and fine lines of etching as dry point on acetate.
Use the equipment, inks, paper and registration will be discussed and demonstrated.
Wednesdays, 16 February to 6 April 
Available either as a day course, 10am-1pm, cost $340
or as an evening course, 6.30-9pm, cost $290
Being tutored by Basia Smolnicki
Screenprinting Open Studio
If you’ve already done one of Inverlochy’s screenprinting classes
and want to take things to the next level then this course is for you.
All the darkroom facilities, emulsions and inks are provided. 
Mondays, 6.30-9pm, starts 14 February (8 weeks), cost $200
This class is untutored but tutor Bruce Mahalski will be on hand to answer questions.
Untutored Printmaking
A class for those people interested in making prints with others of like mind.
Inverlochy provides the print studio, you bring the inks, paper, and inspiration.
Either Mondays, 10am-1pm, starts 14 February (8 weeks)
or Fridays, 10am-1pm, starts 18 February (8 weeks)
Untutored, cost $110
See Inverlochy Art School website for more details on these courses.

04 February 2011

Summary of Inverlochy's Etching Workshop

Here's a bit of a blurb about Basia Smolnicki's summer school printmaking course
which was held at Inverlochy Art School in Wellington on 17-21 January:

This was an exciting workshop, with the focus being on traditional etching techniques
combined with newer and less toxic print methods.

Students were introduced to traditional etching concepts
using traditional hard and soft grounds on zinc metal etched with nitric acid.

Students were also encouraged to explore and compare aluminium plate etching
with Mark Graver's non-toxic method of using copper sulphate and salt method.

Basia produced test strips of different time exposures for line and aquatint methods,
and etching aluminium metal plates with copper sulphate and salt.

The best results for bold blacks were achieved by simply etching the aluminium plate
(with no aquatint applied, just ordinary plate surface exposed)
in the copper sulphate solution at least a couple of times,
taking the plate in and out between exposures to wash the surface clear of built up debris.

 The students also experimented with hand-colouring prints and chine colle methods.

Basia continues to teach printmaking techniques
for beginners as well as more confident printmakers
at Inverlochy Art School and Artsight in Wellington.
Her next course begins mid-February.

03 February 2011

Print Classes at Artsight in Term 1

Artsight in Wellington are offering these printmaking classes in Term 1:

Screenprint Essentials
This course is suitable for those new to screen printing or with some experience.
The programme will cover stencil and photo emulsion techniques.
Students will have the opportunity to screen print on paper and fabric surfaces.
Either Mondays 7–9pm, starts 14 February (8 weeks)
or Sundays 2-4pm, starts 20 February (8 weeks)
Being tutored by Peter Lendvai, cost $280

Samples from Artsight Artist Workshop with Sheyne Tuffery

Exploring Print
This course covers a range of printmaking methods and ideas
including monoprint, relief, collograph and intaglio techniques.
 The course uses non-toxic water based inks
and is suitable for beginning and more experienced printmakers.
Thursdays, 7-9pm, starts 17th February (8 weeks)
Being tutored by Basia Smolnicki, cost $280

Extending Print 
An intermediate print class looking at how to develop and refine a series of prints
using various print techniques. Previous print experience required.
Students will explore their own ideas and themes in the methods of their choice.
Tuesdays, 10am-12.30pm, starts 15th February (8 weeks)
Being tutored by Basia Smolnicki, cost $280

For more information or to book, click this link to Artsight's website

Sculptural Drypoint Workshop, Auckland, 25-27 February

Dilworth School Art Department are hosting this workshop:

Sculptural Drypoint
at Dilworth School in Auckland
9.30am-4pm on 25-27 February
Cost $220 total for 3 days
(materials list given with booking)

Tutored by Charles Cohan
(Professor of Art & Printmaking Program Chair at University of Hawaii)

Plates are made using alternative drawing processes on metal, masonite, or cardboard
through the use of powertools, hammers, grinding and scribing implements
and printed in both intaglio and relief inking techniques.

Charles Cohan, Terrarium, 2009 

Participants will make a series of 10-15 prints in both multi color and layered combinations.
The prints will exhibit a dimensionality and tactile presence
distinct from typical intaglio or relief characteristics.

There were still be a few spaces available when I posted, so if you're interested
 please phone Dilworth School Art Department as soon as possible
 or email Susan Hurrell-Fieldes to get more information or to register.

02 February 2011

10th Lessedra World Art Print Annual

Lessedra Gallery in Bulgaria is holding the 10th World Print Annual.
Last year 4 NZ Printmakers were involved:

Mark Graver, Harbin II, 2010
Metal Salt Etching, 10x15cm
"An international print annual with the premise that
no art form has broader implications in contemporary society than that of the print.
The aim is to gather and exhibit contemporary art print works from all over the world
and to contribute to the contacts and the exchange between artists, art lovers and collectors
and to stimulate the research into paper, inks, and other materials used in printmaking."

Prue Macdougall, Migration, 2009
Solar Plate Etching and Chine Colle, 13x20cm

You can send up to 3 original prints, created in 2010/2011.
Entries may feature any type of method of printmaking
and should be signed and numbered by the artist.
The maximum dimensions of a work are 29x23cm (paper size)

Steve Lovett, Untitled (Echo, Echo), 2010
Screen Print and Die Cut, 22x22cm

Entries are accepted from now until March 31st 2011.
Participation fee is USD$80, which covers catalogue production, organization of the exhibition, invitations, posters, advertise materials, print return and catalogue postage.

Susan Hurrell-Fieldes, Disordered, 2010
Monoprint, 28x24cm

Printing Wood Workshop, Auckland, 11-13 February

Some of you might be interested in this workshop:

Printing Wood: Contemporary Directions in Woodblock Printmaking
at LakeHouse Arts Centre, Takapuna, Auckland
9.30am-4pm on 11-13 February
Cost $220 total for 3 days
(materials list given with booking)

Tutored by Charles Cohan
(Professor of Art & Printmaking Program Chair at University of Hawaii)

The workshop will be covering techniques such as:
straight grain cutting, grain accentuation, collagraphic manipulation,
stamping, intaglio carving, and power tool applications.

Charles Cohan, Pathogenic, 2005

Participants will develop an array of wood plates
towards the execution of overprinting and sequential imaging processes.
Each participant will produce a series of printed elements.
Approximately 10-15 prints will be made,
and will exhibit the printing of wood plates as singular, layered, and sequential works.

There were still be a few spaces available when I posted, so if you're interested
 please phone Dilworth School Art Department as soon as possible
 or email Susan Hurrell-Fieldes to get more information or to register.

01 February 2011

Xavier Antin, A Short History of Production

I read about this project by Xavier Antin (France) on another print blog recently,
and thought you printmakers might like it too.

The result is a book printed through a printing chain made of four desktop printers
each one using different colors and technologies:
Stencil duplicator (1880), Spirit duplicator (1923), Laser printer (1969), Inkjet printer (1976)

Xavier Antin (France), Just in Time (or A Short History of Production), 2010
Installation and book, 42 pages, 210 x 297 mm, 100 copies 

which shows the book (containing images of print production) that was produced.

It's quite a nice idea, and I love the rawness of it as an installation too!

Acrylic Resist Etchings on Show at Wharepuke

Art at Wharepuke Gallery in Kerikeri are about to open an exhibition of acrylic resist etchings
made by artists at the Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor, Northern Ireland.
The works can be viewed at the gallery from 3-27 February.

James Moore (Northern Ireland),  L'Homme a Tete de Chou
Acrylic Resist Etching

Mark Graver was invited to run a non-toxic print workshop at the Seacourt Print Workshop in July 2009.
Since then the members of Seacourt have been working with and developing these techniques
to produce the works included in this exhibition.

Works from the exhibition can also be viewed on Art at Wharepuke's Flickr site