23 August 2015

Thinking Of Place, 29Aug-16Sept, Auckland

Thinking of Place is a collaborative project 
which includes the work of 60 Australian and New Zealand printmakers, 
with a diverse range of styles and printmaking mediums.
Opening at Depot Artspace in Devonport, Auckland,
2pm on Saturday 29 August, through to 16 September.

Each artist has responded to the theme of ‘Thinking of Place’, 
creating works which reflect their connection to country, land, 
ancestral connections, colonisation, regional and cultural identities, 
natural and constructed environments, and even imagined locations.

In addition, Thinking of Place will host a discussion panel, 6:30pm on Tuesday 1 September,
where artists will share unique perspectives on their connection to place.
Also offer two free printmaking workshops, Sundays 6 and 13 September,
 in which you can experience these printmaking processes.

This exchange includes five groups; 
North Island Printmakers and Te Wai Pounamu Printmakers (South Island) from New Zealand, 
along with Inkmasters Cairns Inc., Goldfields Printmakers and Melbourne Printmakers Groups.

The Auckland leg of this exhibition’s journey is being hosted by the North Island Printmakers;
including Elle Anderson, Gabrielle Belz, Kathy Boyle, Deborah Crowe, Vanessa Edwards,
Esther Hansen, Struan Hamilton, Delwyn Holder, Nicola & Kheang Ov, Prue MacDougall,
Toni Mosley, Alexis Neal, John Pusateri, Flox & Michel Tuffery, and Sheyne Tuffery.

Thinking of Place has already been exhibited at KickArts Contemporary Arts in Cairns (8 June to 18 July) before travelling to Eastside Gallery, Christchurch (29 June to 18 July).
We are excited to invite you to see it at the Depot Artspace
before it returns to KickArts Contemporary Arts in Cairns,
and finally to the Post Office Gallery, Federation University, Ballarat in April 2016.

07 August 2015

Printmaking: Beyond The Frame, 7Aug-18Oct, Tauranga

 Printmaking: Beyond The Frame is an exhibition of printmaking work 
of members of the Central Print Council Aotearoa New Zealand (CPCANZ), 
along with three invited guests – Kate McLean, Alexis Neal and Jeff Thomson. 

The title refers to the frame that surrounds a two-dimensional work, 
isolating it from the wall and forming a barrier of protection or decoration. 
It also refers to the contemporary perception of print.

Kate McLean, Grey Lynn, 2012-2013
Screenprint on glazed and fired clay

Alexis Neal, Waharua, Pou Aronui, Toa, 2013
Tea-stained printed relief prints, woven, installed size of 3 panels 140x87cm
Photo by Sait Akkirman, Artsdiary.co.nz (July 2014)

Jeff Thomson, Home Lot (detail)2014
Screenprint on corrugated iron, wooden pallet
Photo by Sait Akkirman, Artsdiary.co.nz (July 2014)

Traditionally, a print has been thought of as 
an image that can be reproduced as part of an edition (either limited or unlimited)
However, in the contemporary environment discussion around what defines prints 
and printmaking is likely to include philosophical perspectives, 
a consideration of specific traditional techniques 
and the impact and absorption of newer technologies.

Artists who have contributed to Printmaking: Beyond the Frame 
use printmaking to solve aesthetic questions, explore a technical conundrum, 
poke fun at art phylosophy or simply declare their place in the artistic scheme of things.

The three invited guests were selected on the basis of their innovatory combination of print 
with materials and processes that are not generally associated with printmaking. 
Jeff Thomson combines print with corrugated iron, Kate McLean’s pieces utilise print and clay, 
and Alexis Neal weaves a range of print techniques and materials into work of 2- and 3-dimensions.

The artists who are exhibiting work in Printmaking: Beyond the Frame are: 
Jacqueline Aust, Kathy Boyle, Beth Charles, Julia Ellery, Laura Hudson, Jean Clarkson,
Sue Pearson, Valerie Cuthbert, Julia Ellery, Lisa Feyen, Jo Giddens, Susanne Khouri,
Maria Lambert, Steve Lovett, Prue MacDougall, Maria Martin-Smith, 
Kate McLean, Emma McLellan, Alexis Neal, Antonia O’Mahony, 
Nicol Sanders-O’Shea, Jeff Thomson, Jill Webster 

01 August 2015

In the Frame: Selected Prints, to 26 August, Palmerston North

In the Frame: Selected Prints will feature 39 prints by members of the Central Print Council, 
utilising a variety of techniques, In the Frame will continue through to 26 August.

Selector Rowan Gardiner is an accomplished printmaker and tutor 
who has taught for many years at the Quay School of the Arts, 
now part of UCoL (Universal College of Learning, Palmerston North). 

 is an incorporated society which provides a structure for the support 
of affiliated printmaking artists throughout New Zealand. 
Among the activities of the Council are providing national and international support 
and opportunities for members and printmaking artists.