27 February 2020

Boosted: Mobile Print Shop

I'd like to tell you about a special project - 
something educational, arty, crafty, and just lots of fun - 
by our friend Graham from GTO Printers (also known as 'Inkiana Judd'). 
We want to help raise the money to get his Mobile Print Shop on the road.

In this digital age, many know printing as pressing a button on a computer. 
But there is a wonderful history to printing, going back to 1450 
and Johann Gutenberg’s invention of moveable type and the printing press.

Graham wants to share his love of printing, and especially letterpress 
by taking his 1833 Albion press to libraries, schools, markets, 
and events around Auckland and other New Zealand towns.

There are already opportunities to take the press on excursions
(so far, to Auckland Central Library, Bethel's Beach, and a local church) 
but because it weighs around 500kgs, taking it anywhere means hiring a truck. 

This fundraising campaign is to raise $3800,
to construct a purpose-built trailer with a number of special features:
Adding strong bracing to support the weight of the press. 
It needs to be capable of a one man setup when required,
 so adding lifting gear and a removable floor so it can roll up to the press. 
And also the addition of a pop-up gazebo for outdoor presentations. 

The first major out of town event is planned for May, at Featherston Booktown.
The press will be printing at workshops and walk in presentations. 
Events in Masterton and Palmerston North are also booked on this same trip.

Would you like to be part of the adventure, to help see it happen? 
You can help get the mobile print shop on the road, truly 'moveable type',
please make a donation, and it may soon be in a town near you!
If the project doesn’t reach its target, you will get your money back.
If it does reach the target, donations can claim a 33% tax deduction.

For further information, or to make a donation,
see Graham's project on the Arts Foundation's website:

22 February 2020

Exhibition: Under Pressure, til 27 April , Masterton

Under Pressure is a showcase of contemporary printmaking 
by selected Wairarapa artists is on now at Aratoi, 
Wairarapa Museum of Art and History, in Masterton
from 22 February until 27 April 2020.

Printmaking techniques include etchings, linocuts, woodcuts, 
screen prints, collagraphs, lithographs, intaglio and relief printing. 

Linda Tilyard, Nga Tuna, 2019

Public Talk: 11am on Saturday 22 February 
with artists Nick Brandon, Jo Lysaght, Linda Tilyard.   

Mezzotint Demonstration: 12-2pm, Saturday 22 February, Aratoi Foyer,
with Dutch international mezzotint ambassador, Nan Mulder. 

Nan Mulder also has an exhibition, Tenderness
which features five Mezzotints in the foyer. 
11 February - 29 February 

Nan Mulder, Tenderness
Mezzotint, 42x61cm 

For more information, see www.aratoi.org.nz

21 February 2020

Exhibition: Basia Smolnicki, Treasure in the Wilderness, to 14 March, Wellington

Basia Smolnicki’s mother arrived in Wellington in 1944.
She was one of 730 Polish refugee children welcomed to this beautiful land.
Having survived Siberian internment camps, 
and an epic overland journey to Uzbekistan, 
she boarded a troop ship bringing weary soldiers home to New Zealand.

Across the strait, in the Marlborough Sounds, Totaranui, is a bay
where Basia’s family and friends gather in the summer holidays. 
The area was a favourite place for Captain Cook 
to replenish his ships and recover from his long voyages. 
Cook named the bay, Shag Cove, but later explorers gave it the present name,
Resolution Bay, to honour Cook’s second vessel.

It was originally named by Māori as ata pō meaning ‘early dawn’.
Like its Māori name implies, the morning sun rises over Arapawa Island 
and reflects off the beautiful, still, blue waters of Queen Charlotte Sound. 

Shards of argillite in the shapes of small tools can be found on the sandy beach, evidence of historical food gathering and trade.
The native bush is regenerating and the place is now alive 
with birdsong and ground-dwelling weka.

Basia's new body of work, called Treasure in the Wilderness,
combines motifs of her mother’s story of survival 
with memories from this special place, ata pō.

Basia Smolnicki, Treasure in the Wilderness, 2020
Woodcut, 100x70cm, edition of 5

Basia Smolnicki, Sea Breeze in the Afternoon, 2020
Woodcut, 50x100cm, edition of 5

I loved that the works were substantial, most were 100x70cm.
They are bold graphic woodcut motifs, 
but also have sensitive and intriguing visual storytelling.
Honestly, there were several I was keen to acquire for my own walls, 
but with small edition sizes of just 5,
when I arrived a few days after the opening most were already sold out!
Deservedly so, Basia, I am a big fan.

The exhibition is on at Solander Gallery until 14 March,
I urge you to go visit if you're in the neighbourhood,
or you can check out all the images online at solandergallery.co.nz

20 February 2020

Press for Sale, Dunedin

This printmaking press is available for purchase in Dunedin.  
It was made in 2004, it has had only one owner.  

The press bed is 121cm, and 63cm high.
Base has a tray to use as storage.
Handles are removable.

Pick up from Dunedin only.
Very heavy lift needs two strong people to move.
(You can separate rollers from base)

Comes with two layers of felt.
Also some other accessories like trays and ink.

Asking $3000.
*Sorry, this press is now SOLD*
If you know of any other presses for sale in NZ, please let us know!