24 May 2014

Studio Visit: Hayley Pearce from The Art Room

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Hayley Pearce,
 the designer and printmaker behind-the-scenes at The Art Room.


Introduced to screenprinting while studying her Bachelor of Design, 
she kept this interest while spending many years working as a Graphic Designer.
She now has two gorgeous young girls, 
and established The Art Room so she can make work from home.

Hayley's artwork is usually hand-drawn, scanned and tidied up in Photoshop
before heading down to the 'Print Room' (Laundry/Studio under her house in Beach Haven). 
She produces a range of products including paper prints, pillowcases and cushions,
 all designed and hand printed herself.


Having a small studio space is a challenge, especially with large screenprinting equipment,
but Hayley offered a few suggestions that she has found helpful:

Simple things like having her exposure unit on castor wheels 
so she can roll it into the corner when not using it. 
Once tucked away it becomes perfect for stacking up paper or cushions to get them out of the way. 
It was custom-made and is super simple - an open wooden frame about 60x70x85cm 
 with a UV bulb set into a base board at the bottom and a pane of glass at the top. 

For printing, Hayley uses a plywood board (slightly bigger than her screen) with hinged clamps at the top. 
It sits on top of a trestle table so can be moved and stored when wanting the table for other things.

Having lots of tools can get in the way when printing, so Hayley prefers to hang a lot of ‘bits’on the wall;
rulers, tape, roller, wooden spoons, scissors, and countdown timer for heat setting.
Now they’re within reach, but not in the way of the ink tubs.


Hayley says her Flash Dryer is easily her most expensive but most loved piece of equipment.
She uses it to heat set her fabric work, cutting down ‘ironing’ time by two-thirds! 
Needing to print and dry up to 60 pillowcases or teatowels at once, 
she uses rows and rows of taut rope set in an alcove above head height - 
a vast improvement from her old fold-up clothes lines that could only fit 10-12 items!

Check out her website: www.theartroom.co.nz

23 May 2014

Big Printmaking Festival, 25 May, Christchurch

Just a quick reminder about the BIG Festival of Printmaking
(brought to you by Canterbury Art Teachers' Association). 

Get Printmaking Day is on this Sunday 25 May 10am-4pm 
Large scale woodcut and monoprint projects by schools and artists 
will be inked and rolled with a street road roller in the CBD, corner of Cashel and High Streets. 
(If wet, postponed to Sunday 1 June)

If any of you are helping organise this event (or if you are planning to attend)
I'd really like to share some pictures and stories here on the blog, so email me :)

22 May 2014

Got Printmaking Equipment to Sell??

One of you suggested I add a page on my website for 'Printmaking Equipment For Sale',
where you can list all the printmaking tools & equipment you want to sell.
I'm willing to give it a try...

If you have any unused printmaking equipment lying around that you want to sell,
email me the details, a photo, asking price & seller's contact details, 
postage costs and/or which part of the country if it needs to be picked up.

Here's some examples:
Printing press (bench-top or freestanding)
Letterpress equipment (Adana, type)
Etching tools (mezzotint rocker, roulettes)
Used screenprinting equipment (screens, squeegees, carousels, exposure lights)
Unused inks for screenprinting / etching / letterpress...

02 May 2014

Printmaking On Saturdays, 10May-14June, Wellington

Artsight Wellington are hosting a new 6 week printmaking class 
looking at monoprint and collage techniques and how to develop a series of prints.

6 Saturdays, 10 May - 14 June, 10:00am - 12:30pm 
at City Gallery Wellington, Civic Square, 101 Wakefield Street, Wellington
Cost: $240. Some materials supplied.

For more information or to register, click here to see details on Artsight's website

Screenprinting, Thurs Days, 8May-12June, Takapuna

Screen Printing Introduction with Susanne Khouri
Thursday mornings, 6 weeks, 9:30am - 12:30pm, 8 May -12 June
at Lake House Arts in Takapuna.

 Screenprinting is a  technique of printing a sharp-edged image using a hand held screen. 
Learn how to mix and apply printing inks on paper and fabric. 
A variety of printing processes will be explored in an encouraging and user-friendly environment.    

Price: $270 (includes deposit) Some materials are included.  
($100 non-refundable deposit for materials is payable 7 days before start of class)
Minimum 5 students, maximum 8.
See www.lakehousearts.org.nz for information and to register your interest.

Screenprinting, Thurs Nights, 15May-3July, Auckland

Artsight Auckland are hosting a Screenprint Essentials Workshops
Over 8 Thursday evenings, 15 May - 3 July, 7:00-9:30pm
at Artsight, 5a Flower Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland

This course is suitable for beginners to screen printing or those with some experience. 
The programme will cover stencil and photographic techniques. 
Students will have the opportunity to screen print on both paper and fabric surfaces.
Tutor: Eleanor Whyle
Cost: $275 

For more information or to register, click here to see details on Artsight's website

01 May 2014

Big Printmaking Festival, 18&25 May, Christchurch

A BIG Festival of Printmaking, 
brought to you by Canterbury Art Teachers' Association. 

Get Inspired Day on Sunday 18 May 10am-1pm at Hagley Community College
includes artist talks and exhibitions. 

Get Printmaking Day on Sunday 25 May 10am-4pm 
Large scale woodcut and monoprint projects by schools and artists 
will be inked and rolled with a street road roller in the CBD, corner of Cashel and High Streets. 
If wet, postponed to Sunday 1 June 2014.