28 December 2010

Hybrid Digital Traditional Printmaking Blog

I got an email a few weeks ago from a printmaker in Scotland
who is writing a blog about combinations of digital and traditional printmaking together.

The Tradigital Printmaking blog is focussed on the use of digital inkjet print
in combination with any of these traditional techniques:
such as silkscreen, wood cut, linocut, intaglio, lithography, etching, collagraph and so on.

She was very excited to discover so many fantastic NZ Printmakers on here!
And asked if I knew of any NZ Printmakers who are making hybrid print work.
If you know any printmakers combining digital and traditional printmaking techniques
please let us know, either by email or post a comment below.

If you'd like to read about or contribute to the ongoing discussion about these topics,
see the Tradigital Printmaking blog, it has some very interesting hybrid practices on it.

26 December 2010

Print Workshops at Inverlochy, January 2011

Inverlochy Art School, Wellington are offering these courses:

Painterly Monotypes and Mixed Media Printmaking
Create a series of unique prints that combine traditional print processes
with painterly monotype processes using non toxic and easy to clean up, soy oil based Akua Inks.
This course combines monotype with basic printmaking techniques such as drypoint etching and woodcut.
Explore and experiment with mixed media such as masks and stencils, embossing and collage.
Traditional acid etching techniques will be explored if there is interest.

10am-4pm on 17-21 January 2011
Being tutored by Basia Smolnicki, cost $350
See Inverlochy Art School website for more details on this course.

Stone Lithography
Suitable for beginners and more experienced printmakers who wish to gain additional skills and knowledge.
The course will commence with the preparation of the stone and finish with printing a small edition.
Practical instruction will be given for different conceptual ideas of expression,
the diversity of mark making, proofing, printing and general print room practice.

10am-4pm on 10-14 January 2011
Being tutored by Anthony Davies, cost $400
Inverlochy Art School website for more details on this course.

Screenprinting is a fascinating, flexible and versatile medium.
If you have always wanted to print your own t-shirt, clothing, poster or paper, then this is the class for you!
For beginners as well as more experienced people, this course will teach a wide range of screenprinting techniques.

10am-4pm on 17-21 January 2011
Being tutored by Bruce Mahalski, cost $380
Inverlochy Art School website for more details on this course.

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas from New Zealand Printmakers!

I just wanting to wish all of you blog readers a very merry Christmas
from all of us New Zealand Printmakers!
(yeah nah bro, we'll probably spend the day wearing jandals under a pohutukawa tree at the beach, ay!)

Let us know if you got any awesome printmaking stuff for Christmas!?

24 December 2010

Etching Press for Sale

I sometimes get people asking me if I know of any second-hand etching presses for sale,
and I just heard of one, so thought I'd let you all know...

Press Bed Size: 120x60cm
The press was built in 2005. It is in very good condition.
It has been used by two experienced printmakers, hasn’t had a lot of use at all.
The press includes felt mats: two large and two small and a piece for solvent transfers.

There is also a large water & dust resistant cover that will come with it.
The press is located in Christchurch, and has just been re-serviced.
It is heavy (about 300kg), so a freight company would need lifting equipment to pick it up.
They would like $6000, but that is negotiable.

For all the specific measurements and contact details are here.


I've had several requests recently from people who want to subscribe to NZ Printmakers blog.
I'm keen to make sure you don't miss out on any interesting news or exhibitions
so I've made it a little easier for you to keep up-to-date with the latest on NZ Printmakers
by adding a 'Follow' gadget in the column to the right.
Join if you want to...

23 December 2010

White Silence

White Silence is an exhibition of new work by Mark Graver,
on show now at Art at Wharepuke in Kerikeri,
from 23 December til 25 January 2011.

It includes new etchings, called the Black Light series, made with wash resists and aquatint.
 I am quite intrigued by these etchings, they have such an interesting texture and density about them.
Mark Graver, Black Light 2, 2010
metal salt etching, 28x39cm

The White Silence series of small paintings is an on-going project
with each painting created slowly over an extended time period. 
Often only one layer or application of whiting or pigment is made each day
with the finished piece sometimes taking up to six months to reach its end.

Mark Graver, White Silence 2, 2010
Painting, 25x25cm

If you are not able to go north to see this exhibition in January,
the works are also available for viewing online on Mark's Flickr page.

Year-Long Printmaking Course at ArtStation 2011

ArtStation in Ponsonby are also offering a

This course is for students who have a strong interest in printmaking
and want to develop their own printed imagery to complete an edition of prints
and a portfolio of work for exhibition in the Arstation gallery.
Techniques covered include wood and lino cuts, etching,
silkscreen printing and the use of UV-light-sensitive processes.
Aspects of the history and evolution of printmaking and printmaking protocols are covered.
Thursdays, 10am-2pm, starting 3 February 2011 
Being tutored by Jonathan Brown and Elizabeth Serjeant.
Cost $2100
There will be a maximum of 8 students, and only a few spaces still available,
so if you are interested then please call the ArtStation office on 3763221 for an interview.

22 December 2010

Christmas Present for Banksy Fans

As I was doing Christmas shopping this week
I found Exit Through the Gift Shop is now out on dvd,
and available in most places you'd usually buy dvds
(refer to my earlier post about the Banksy film, or watch preview below)

So if you're looking for that last-minute Christmas present idea for a Banksy fan,
then this would make a great gift! (I even got one for myself)

If you've seen this film, write a comment here and let us know what you thought of it,
or if you have any other last-minute present ideas for printmakers???

21 December 2010

Screenprint Workshop at ArtStation, 13-15 January

ArtStation in Ponsonby is offering this three-day printmaking workshop:

Silk Screen Printing
This intensive workshop is for students who want to transfer their ideas into multiple prints,
using a variety of stencils, including photographic silkscreen, on fabric.
10am-4pm on 13-15 January 2011
Being tutored by Kate McLean, maximum of 8 students, cost $300.

If you are interested see ArtStation's website to enquire about booking.

19 December 2010

31st Mini Print International of Cadaqués 2011

The Mini Print International of Cadaqués (Spain)
is a print competition open to all printmaking techniques and tendencies.
The 2010 exhibition included 683 exhibiting artists from 59 countries.

Images must be no bigger than 10x10cm
and arrive in Spain by 15 March 2011
so you've got plenty of time to make some prints for it!

One of the 2010 winners:
Nelly Sandeva (Bulgaria), Playar with Graphics II, 2010
Etching, 10x10cm

For more information about entering a print

18 December 2010

Kakyoung Lee's Drypoint Animation

Wow, I saw this amazing drypoint animation on Printeresting website.
I thought you printmakers would appreciate how much work was involved...

156 prints, in an edition of 3.
Have any of you tried combining animation and print before??
Let me know if you like it...

17 December 2010

Durer at Ashburton

'Albrecht Durer & 16th Century German Printmaking'
is on now at Ashburton Art Gallery until 23 January 2011

Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), Melencolia 1, 1514,

 The exhibition features 26 works from Albrecht Dürer and other distinguished German printmakers
including some of Durer’s iconic engravings and woodcuts:
Nemesis, the great Fortune (1502), Melencolia 1 (1514), and Hercules (1498).
If you are near Ashburton over summer, go see the show for us.

Post a comment about what you think... is etching still relevant today???

15 December 2010

Situations for the Modern Printmaker

Only printmakers will think this is funny...

Posters available through Etsy if you want one.

13 December 2010

Out Of The Box Exhibition in Australia

I was interested to read about an exhibition called Out of the Box
organised by Solander Gallery and featuring 27 New Zealand printmakers.
It is on from now until 1 May 2011
at the Tweed River Art Gallery Murwillumbah, Australia.

Solander calls it 'a vibrant snapshot of time and place in contemporary New Zealand printmaking'.
It has a great selection of images, represents a good variety of NZ print work.

See more information about the exhibition on Solander's website.

11 December 2010

Marian McGuire's The Labours of Herakles, Ashburton

Marian Maguire's exhibition The Labours of Herakles
is currently touring and just opened at Ashburton Art Gallery 
11 December 2010 - 20 February 2011

Marian Maguire, Herakles surprised by Maoris who were driven off with Heavy Losses, 2006/7
lithograph on Velin Arches white 250g

08 December 2010

Kathy Boyle

After many years of printmaking for her own enjoyment,
Kathy Boyle returned to study at E.I.T. in Hawkes Bay
and has just completed her visual art degree.

Here's a sample from her latest series:
Kathy Boyle, Untitled, 2010

Kathy has been printmaking for about 10 years
and been member of the Central Print Council since its inception.

Kathy also has a studio workshop in an old woolshed just out of Napier,
where a variety of art courses are run throughout the year.
If you'd like to know more, check out Kathy's website.

05 December 2010

Limited Edition Print Summer Workshop at CEAC

Corban Estate Arts Centre is hosting a 5 day workshop in
creating your own Limited Edition Print (All Levels)
being taught by Shelley Ryde on 17-21 January 2011

Based on individual themes, students will be lead through step-by-step instructions
for planning a print edition, using selected techniques to produce
a composite print in the form of a series of layers or sequences.

Plates will be prepared using a range of techniques including:
 collagraph, cut stencils and silkscreen or mono print, dry point,
photopolymer and polyester prints and woodcut or linocut.

Participants will experiment with the possibilities of multiple print layers,
colour separations, and composition devices and investigate different visual elements
such as scale, colour, pattern and contrast.

Shelley Ryde is the Head of the Visual Arts Faculty at Diocesan School
and is a renowned arts educator with more than 30 years experience.
Shelley has been involved in curriculum development at national levels
and has contributed to local, national and international courses
and conferences in the visual arts field.
Her own work is in private collections in New Zealand and internationally.

Fee: $520 (materials included)

For more information about this course see CEAC's website

03 December 2010

CPCANZ Summer School 2011

This year CPCANZ have decided to have 'Summer School'
I think it is 10-15 January 2011
and will be held in the UCOL Print Workshop in Whanganui.

Marty Vreede at UCOL
The first demonstration will be grained aluminium plate lithography with Patrick Cush.
The second demonstration will be etching through photopolymer film into zinc plate by Marty Vreede.
The rest will be open workshop magic, sharing your own ideas with others.

Members $130, Non-Members $165
For more information check out website for CPCANZ Summer School 2011

02 December 2010

PaperGraphica Christmas Show

PaperGraphica just announced the details for their Christmas Show

It includes new work by
Nigel Buxton, Barry Cleavin, Fatu Feu'u, Marian Maguire & James Robinson
Nigel Buxton, This Pioneering Life - Dusk, 2010
Inkjet on german etching paper

Opening on Monday 6 December at 5.30pm
and the exhibition will be open until 24 December

For more information see PaperGraphica's website

UCOL Summer School 2011

If you are looking to develop your printmaking skills over summer
you may be interested in Drypoint and Multiblock Printmaking
being taught by Graham Hall, 17-21 January 2011
as part of the Whanganui Summer School of Art.

Students will be working in a range of print disciplines throughout the workshop.
There will be an opportunity to work in both drypoint and monoprint processes.
Students can explore and expand on their art ideas using water-based inks.
There will be an opportunity to edition work
and to combine a number of print processes including screenprint and woodcut.

Graham Hall, Prussian Blue, 2010
Drypoint Etching on 39x27cm paper, edition of 10.

Graham Hall has been involved in Art and Art Education for the past 20 years.
He was the Secretary of the Central Print Council until 2004,
when he focused on gaining his Masters Degree in Art and Design at AUT.
He has exhibited widely in NZ and overseas.

5 full days for only $465

01 December 2010

Stephen Mumberson and Chris Pig

A new exhibition at Art at Wharepuke in Kerikeri
features etchings and relief prints of two of the UK’s most well-known printmakers
Stephen Mumberson (MA RCA, RE) and Chris Pig.

Mumberson’s etchings relate to the city of London, where he lives,
 and come from everyday observations of the street life
and imagery sourced from popular British culture.

Chris Pig makes lino cutting and wood engraving of the highest quality.
He was joint winner of the Society of Wood Engravers’ Award at Originals 09 in London.
Pig recently returned from London, after a short time living in Spain,
and there are works in this show from both Spain and London.
His work features characters encountered in the less salubrious parts of town
as well as images of intimacy and domesticity.

 The works are on display 1-19 December 2010.
See Art at Wharepuke's website  for more information.

A Summer Affair

Brad Novak is part of an exhibition called A Summer Affair
on at Flagstaff Gallery in Devonport, Auckland
from 9 December 2010 - 6 January 2011

Brad Novak, Reservoir Kiwi, 2010

I'll update this post if I get more information.
Make the most of your summer break and go check out some art!