24 May 2012

How Robin White Learned To Make Prints

I just read an article from NZ Art Prints added last week,
an interview with Robin White from 1981 about how she learned to make prints.

Robin White, This is me at Kaitangata, 1979
Its a little bit long to re-post the whole interview here, so click here to read it.

We all begin the jouney somewhere... I'd love to hear how your 'print' story began.
Post a comment below to tell us about how your love of printmaking started.

23 May 2012

Print Artists Wanted for EndemicWorld

EndemicWorld is an online store based in Kingsland, Auckland.
They sell lots of New Zealand prints through their website: http://www.endemicworld.com/
They are always looking out for new art prints to add to their growing collection.
Their stock includes some great original print work by NZ artists, such as:

 Component (CutCollective), Pania of the Reef
 Screenprint. 40x35cm. Edition of 80, signed and numbered.

Walter Hansen, Chirp – KĊkako
Letterpress, 22x22cm. Edition of 70, signed and numbered.
Component (CutCollective), Sir Ed, 2011
Hand-sprayed Stencil, 50x70cm. Edition of 100, signed and numbered. 

Courtney Seng, Circles
Digital Print, 30x30cm. Edition of 50, signed and numbered.

Hayley King (Flox), Jumble Robin
 Screenprint. 40x35cm. Edition of 80, signed and numbered.

Sarah Maxwell, Oh My Darling
Letterpress, 35x27cm. Edition of 50, signed and numbered.

Greg Straight, Bike Print
Digital Print, 59x44cm. Edition of 50, signed and numbered.

TrustMe (CutCollective), Florade, 2010
Screenprint. 60x42cm. Edition of 80, signed and numbered.

They are always looking for cool limited-edition prints by local/NZ printmakers,
so if you are looking for a retailer to sell your prints, then send an email to elliot@endemicworld.com

22 May 2012

Adana LetterPress For Sale

In case anyone is interested, there is an Adana Letterpress for sale on TradeMe.
It comes with spare rollers, two chases, furniture and a set of brass type.

Starting price for auction was $120, so cheap!
The seller / pick-up is from Waitakere, Auckland.
Click here to go to the listing on TradeMe if you are interested.

17 May 2012

Woodcut Workshop, 17 June, LakeHouse

LakeHouse in Takapuna are offering a 1-day workshop in Woodcut Printmaking 
from 10am-4pm on Sunday 17 June, being tutored by Denice Symons 

 Design and cut your own Woodblock, 
then experiment with printing in a variety of ways 
producing an edition of 10 prints.

 Price: $130, with all materials supplied. 
There will be only 3-5 students, so if you are interested then book now.

11 May 2012

Boundless / In the Frame, 16-27May, Wellington

Boundless / In the Frame is a joint exhibition presented by members of 
 with exhibitors who come from throughout New Zealand, 
as well as Scotland, Australia and the Netherlands.

The exhibition will be shown from 16-27 May 
at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington. 

The works in the exhibition In the Frame / Boundless were selected by 
Jill Webster, a print tutor at EIT committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional print, 
and Anthony Davies, a printmaker who has taught and exhibited extensively worldwide. 

Boundless: explores the boundaries of print and challenges the concept 
that prints have to be framed or constrained by editioning or the flatness of paper 

In the Frame: encourages a contemporary approach to print 
while acknowledging the importance of traditional printmaking techniques. 

There will be an opening celebration for this exhibition
from 5-7pm on Tuesday 16 May, with remarks by the legendary Marty Vreede.

10 May 2012

Evening with Jason Greig, 16 May, Ashburton

An informal evening with Jason Greig 
will be held at Ashburton Art Gallery
on next Wednesday 16 May, starting at 6pm.

Light refreshments will be served throughout the evening 
as we converse with one of New Zealand’s most significant and contemporary printmakers. 
Jason will speak about his practice and artistic career, and will take questions from the floor.

Jason Greig studied printmaking at the Canterbury School of Fine Arts, 
graduating with Honours in engraving. 
Today, he works out of his studio in the port town of Lyttelton,
teaches printmaking to art students, 
and exhibits his works extensively throughout New Zealand and abroad. 

This is a free event, please rsvp to the gallery if interested in attending
as numbers are required for catering.

06 May 2012

Lithographic Stone Discovered in NZ in 1860s

Anthony Ellis of NZ Prints sent me this interesting article about NZ lithographic history:

The scarce print shown here illustrates one of the more interesting
and lesser known adventures in early New Zealand printmaking.
In the 1860s the Abbey Rocks, midway between the Paringa and Moeraki Rivers
on the west coast of the South Island
were discovered by two surveyors (Arthur and Docherty) to be of lithographic stone.
SS Waipara loading lithographic stone in Pawa Rika Harbor./Abbey Rocks. N.Z.
Harrison & Sons, Lith. St. Martins Lane, W.C.
159 x 213mm. Lithograph in tints (EPNZ 766).

In the mid to late 19th century there was increasing demand for printing
on NZ subjects beyond simple letterpress.
News of the wars fought during the 1860s was crying out for illustration.
Grayling's "The War in Taranaki" is notable for this period as it was printed locally
rather than published in England and contained several pages of wood engravings.

Within a very short time, however, there was a rapid increase
in the number of presses operating in New Zealand.
Population growth alone demanded the ready dissemination of news,
and though letterpress was still predominant
the majority of the pictures drawn, engraved and printed in New Zealand were lithographs.

According to 'Early Prints of New Zealand'
"lithography was a form of reproduction more easily learned than wood or metal engraving:
provided the artist remembered to reverse his subject, or used transfer paper,
the process was little more difficult than drawing on paper,
and the equipment necessary was less complex and expensive for the printer."
A development company was launched,
and a large sum of money spent on cutting and shipping several tons of the polished stone to London.
Tests carried out there threw doubts on the quality of the stone,
and later experiments nearer home, in the printery of Sands & McDougall of Melbourne,
proved the stone to be full of flaws.
At the time (1866-67) the Melbourne International Exhibition was open
and had attracted several German printers.
They were shown the Abbey Rocks stone, but were not prepared to use it, and the venture failed.

The print shows the S.S. Waipara loading stone off the Abbey Rocks.
The ship herself fared no better than the enterprise she is pictured in:
a West Coast trader, she ran aground ten times and was finally wrecked in 1898.
The print is undated, but shows the ship as she appeared between 1867 and 1871,
when a third mast was added.

05 May 2012

Paperwork, 10May-3June, Auckland

Paperwork is an exhibition curated by Faith Thomas,
showing the work of staff and students from St Peter's School, Cambridge.

The exhibition is on from 10 May to 3 June 
at Nathan Homestead in Manurewa,
and it covers a broad range of processes.

04 May 2012

Black On White, 4May-7June, Kerikeri

A new exhibition, called Black On White, opens today at Art at Wharepuke in Kerikeri.

It features a number of international printmakers and variety of processes including:
etching by Andrew Baldwin, lithography by Paul Croft, photogravure by Lothar Osterburg,
linocut by Chris Pig and mezzotint by Cleo Wilkinson.

Chris Pig (UK), Naomi

Paul Croft (UK), Welsh Times VIII

Lothar Osterburg (USA), Crossroads Mall

Cleo Wilkinson (NZ), Sequestered

If you are unable to make it to Kerikeri to see the exhibition,

03 May 2012

Adana 8x5 Letterpress for Sale

Just in case any of you were interested,
there is an Adana letterpress for sale on TradeMe.
**The online auction closes on Sunday 6 May**
Click here to go to the TradeMe auction if you are interested in bidding.

Adana letterpress tabletop printing machine 8x5"
Comes with 2 cabinets of metal type, plus necessary work chase, lay guage, rollers, spacers, etc.
And also includes the original Adana Beginners Guide to Design in Printing.

This is a lovely little tabletop printer, collection preferred from Red Beach, Hibiscus Coast
or you can arrange a courier, but it is heavy.

• Chase inside dimensions 8x5 inches (203mmx127mm)
• There is no limit to the size of paper that can be printed
• Two composition inking rollers (supplied)
• Adjustable double grippers with varying length fingers
• Fully adjustable lay-gauge
• Impression controlled by standard printers’ 4-screw method.
• Weight complete: 33 lb. (15.19 kg.).
• Overall size: 23x13x19 inches (584x330x483mm)

02 May 2012

John Pusateri, til 19 May, Auckland

For those of you who like the work of John Pusateri,
he currently has an exhibition on at Seed Gallery in Newmarket
until 19 May 2012
John Pusateri, fOWL III, 2012
pencil, graphite, pastel, archival digital print on paper

John Pusateri’s manipulated (sometimes obliterated) images of birds
comment on the complex history of animal preservation, speciation and extinction.
He highlights the irony of living things destroyed
in order that they are better known, catalogued, and preserved.
His work not only engages in creative image making,
but also adds to our knowledge of local ecology;
all the while raising issues around biodiversity and conservation,
and more universal comments about loss and death.

01 May 2012

Conversations, ends 6 May, Auckland

Last few days you can see the exhibition Conversations by Gabrielle Belz and Toni Mosley
Exhibition is only on at Nathan Homestead until this Sunday, 6 May.

 Toni Mosley. Photo: Heather Smith/Aurora Sentinel

Two artists from different backgrounds carry on a conversation in print throughout the exhibition.
The work, documentation, and conversation develop during the exhibition.
You are invited to come and talk to the artists while the visuals grow.
Gabrielle Belz. Photo: Judy Nakasima