30 September 2010

Jeff Lockhart & Diana Smallfield

The joint exhibition of Diana Smallfield & Jeff Lockhart,
on now at McCarthy Gallery in Parnell,
has now been extended until 5pm on Friday 8 October 

Diana Smallfield & Jeff Lockhart are both visual artists and art educators.

In Diana Smallfield's new works she has 
multi-layered the print process with acrylic on canvas.
They are representative of a 'sense of place',
an experience of reflection and recollection
of personal meaning in places of importance to her.

Jeff Lockhart believes that acknowledging and celebrating
our Pasifika place in the world is integral to being a New Zealander,
stimulated by the colours, symbols and motifs of Pasifika.

McCarthy Gallery is located at
91 Lower St George's Bay Rd, Parnell, Auckland City
and can be viewed Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


Minu has a new exhibition opening Monday 4 October 5:30-7:00pm.
In your Dreams: New works on paper by minu
is being shown at Deluxe Cafe in Wellington
4-17 October 2010

Good news for all of you who won't make it to the show,
the prints will be available online for NZ$80 each at
Felt, Etsy and Dawanda websites (as well as at Deluxe Cafe)
or check out minu's website

Originally from Germany, minu arrived in Wellington 3 years ago and stayed.
With a background in commercial design and architecture,
minu now works as an independent illustrator, toymaker and artist.
Her artwork ranges from traditional printmaking to mixed media and textile art.

I think this show is a series of drypoint intaglio prints,
but here is another image of the intriguing characters she illustrates:

minu, work in progress for NZ Art Show, 2010
 I love this image from her blog, it shows her playfulness,
layering images with stitching and other media.

I was just thinking how much I liked this artwork and then I read:
"Note a couple of weeks later: These totally did not work the way I imagined them.
They look totally wrong to me. I will work on the idea, but these will go in the bin."
If this is a 'reject' I wish I saw the rest that made it to the show!!!

29 September 2010

Sketchbook Project

Here's an interesting project you may want to be a part of:

"Thousands of sketchbooks will be exhibited at galleries and museums
as they make their way on tour across the USA.
After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into
the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library,
where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view."

Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can be a part of the project.

To participate you need to sign up by 31 October 2010
then they will send you a sketchbook and theme.
The sketchbook then needs to be completed and posted by 15 January 2011,
exhibition tour starts March 2011 to at least 9 states across USA
in many prestigious art galleries and museums.

For more information or to register

28 September 2010


One of my favourite international printmaking blogs is Printsy,
they are the printmaking artists with work on Etsy,
the website for hand-made works of art.
All members' work is using original, hand-pulled printmaking techniques
and their works are for sale on their online shop.
I've recently seen a NZer or two on there too...

If you like following blogs then check it out here: 

Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2nd International Biennale For Miniature Graphics

If you are making small prints, you may be interested in this...

Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2nd International Biennale For Miniature Graphics
Any medium, works up to 10x10cm
Deadline for submissions: 15 October 2010
Exhibited at Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts Centre, Egypt, in April 2011

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

"Following the success of the first round in December 2009,
with the participation of 116 artists from 40 countries with 473 art works,
we are delighted to launch the second round of the
Bibliotheca Alexandrina International Biennale For Miniature Graphics
to be opened in April 2011.
We are now receiving entries from artists who wish participate."

Artists can check the comprehensive catalogue of the first round through this link:
Bibliotheca Alexandrina International Biennale Catalogue
(although I will warn you in advance that this link is a 15-meagbyte pdf
containing all 473 artworks from the show!)

Bibliotheca Alexandrina International Biennale for Miniature Graphics 2011
Entry Information & Application Form Here

New Pages...

You may have noticed
at the top of the menu on the right of this page
that I've added 2 new 'pages' to this blog recently.

The first is called NZ Print Artists:
It is currently 'under construction',
but I'm working on grouping together artists
according to common processes or themes.
I hope that this may help NZ print artists
to find others they may wish to collaborate or exhibit with
(as well as for teachers & students to find NZ printmakers
to use as references for projects, education and inspiration).

The other page is called Contact Details:
This page outlines heaps of print-related things
that I'd love you to be able to share with others.
So, if you have any ideas, content or feedback 
please go to this page to get my email address.
I'd love to hear from you!!!

27 September 2010

Jacob Rolfe

Jacob Rolfe's exhibition An Amazing System of W[r]iggles 
will be on at Solander Gallery in Wellington 6-30 October 2010

Even though I'm not entirely sure where Jacob Rolfe is now based,
he will be flying down from Canada for the show in Wellington
and to do a residency at the Te Kowhai Print Trust in Whangarei.

Here is an example of his work:
Jacob Rolf, Chemical Structures State II, 2010
Screenprint on paper, edition of 7

"Jacob Rolfe's investigation into the nature of reality, awareness
and identity finally come together in his latest exhibition of screen prints.
Philosopher Alan Watts (1915-1973) describes
our experience of reality as an overlapping series of vibrations:
sight, emotional, touch and sound.
These vibrations combine and overlap to form a pattern,
and that pattern, that 'amazing system of wriggles',
is what we experience as reality.
Jacob intrigues us with his own amazing system of wriggles
through his wild and humorous use of line, shape and colour"

 Jacob's work can be viewed here:
or his own website: The Floating World

13th International Collage Exhibition and Exchange

If any of you printmakers out there are into collage,
or want to use collage as a means of making 'drawings'
or 'recycling' unsuccessful prints
then here is something you may be interested in this...

13th International Collage Exhibition and Exchange 
(run by a NZer from Taranaki)

Dale Copeland, The Gods Play Push-Me Pull-Me, 2010(?)
collage on heavy watercolour paper
Submit up to 13 works, 8x10 inches or up to A4 size,
one for exhibition / sale, the others are exchanged
so you get back some interesting international collages too!

Send work in by 20 March 2011
entry information here:

Check out entries from the previous shows here:

25 September 2010

Sam Broad

Sam Broad is involved in two exhibitions in October:

Monster opens on Tuesday 5 October
at Mygalaxi Gallery, Dixon St, Wellington.

The second exhibiton, opens a night later!
Allez Oop, opens on Wednesday 6 October
at Solander Works on Paper Gallery, 218 Willis St, Wellington.
Sam will be showing new prints alongside the work of Jacob Rolfe.

Sounds like it is going to be very interesting! Solander says:
"Set in a weird faux Victorian future, filled with the excesses of consumerism,
this exhibition of woodcuts by Sam Broad speaks of a society on the brink.
...This body of new work is infused with Sam's characteristic humour and irony.
Like billboards at a sideshow, the bizarre and the outrageous jostle for our attention....
Framed in ornate circular oak frames with convex bubbled glass,
Sam takes us on a crazy ride into the future
as we look out from the porthole in our spaceship of humanity."

From a previous series:
Sam Broad, Buzzy Bee Transformer, 2009

Broad is predominantly self trained.
He has been involved in running community art spaces and two galleries.
He currently teaches at Vincents Art Workshop and Pablos in Wellington.

For more images and information about Sam's previous work, check out his website:

23 September 2010

Glen Skien Workshops - Whanganui, Waikato, Auckland

Brisbane printmaker & book-artist Glen Skien 
is visiting New Zealand to run a series of workshops 
in Whanganui, Waikato, and Auckland,
covering a range of topics including drypoint, collage & bookmaking.
Workshop details below...

You can check out Glen's work on his website
A recent piece of work by Glen Skien
25 - 26 September 2010
at Whanganui UCOL Print Workshop
Price: $ 220
For more information or to register for Whanganui workshops contact
Julia Ellery: pjellery@clear.net.nz

30 September - 1 October 2010
at Baffin Street Gallery, Pirongia
Price: $150
For more information or to register for Waikato workshops contact
or phone 07 871 9890

2-3, 4-5, 6-7 October 2010
at Lake House Arts Centre, Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna
9-10 October 2010
at Dilworth School, Epsom
Price: $220
For more information or to register for Auckland workshops contact
Susan Hurrell-Fields: hurrfiel@ihug.co.nz
or phone 09 520 3442

Australian Print Symposium 15-17 October 2010

Our printmaking neighbours are getting ready for another event...
The Australian Print Symposium will be on 15-17 October 2010
at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra.

"Materiality will explore prints and printmaking
though notions of physicality, concreteness,
corporality, palpability, reality and experience.
With some 20 speakers and over 200 delegates attending,
the symposium provides a lively forum to discuss prints and printmaking
in Australia and the region.
The papers, presented by leading artists, print curators and art historians,
focus on contemporary practice in print production,
book arts, street stencils and the like."

There looks like a very interesting variety of speakers.
If you're interested, check out the details and programme:

22 September 2010

Call for Entries - "Small Print: Big Impression"

Leicester Print Workshop announced a call for artists for
small print:big impression
a touring exhibition of contemporary prints
that measure no more than 100 sq cm.

Images featured are from the 2007–8 Small Print:Big Impression exhibition

All selected work will be featured in a full colour catalogue
and will tour continuously in a selling exhibition throughout 2011
and will also be available for purchase online.

Selected by an independent panel of experts;
prizes include materials and a cash award.

Deadline: 1 Nov 2010

For more information see:

Interactive Printmaking - Maze - check this out!

One of the coolest examples I've found
of getting the public to participate / interact in printmaking!
Firstly, it's a corn maze, based on a Warhol print...
Secondly, you need to find a series of 'ink stations'
that you 'stamp' (like a treasure hunt, but with images!)
Each station provides one layer, looks like it is 4 CMYK prints.
If you find all the stations it looks something like this image above.
What a fun way to make prints!

Check out this artist's blog for the full story of their maze experience:

SilkCut Lino Awards 2010, Australia

The SilkCut Lino Awards have just finished in Australia.
Any of you who are fans of linocut may want to check out this year's entries:

This year's winner:
Bridget Hillebrand, Seven-and-Twenty Lakes
Linocut, 40x130cm

21 September 2010

Pacific Rim International Print Exhibition, SOFA Gallery, Christchurch

Now in its 17th year, the 2010 Pacific Rim International Print Exhibition
brings together contemporary printed artworks by artists from the
nations and cultures of the Pacific Rim and Basin.

The exhibition is on 22 September – 19 October 2010
at SOFA Gallery, The Arts Centre, Christchurch.

The exhibition features 36 artworks,
selected by NZ printmaker Denise Copland & Associate Professor Cathryn Shine,
from mono prints through to those employing digital technologies,
revealing the wide range of conceptual engagements and print processes
employed by contemporary print media artists.

If you are in the Christchurch area, then also note these two events:
Gallery floortalk: Sunday 10 October, 2pm
Cathryn Shine and Dee Copland will give a talk on the exhibition.
Closing function: Tuesday 19 October, 5.30pm

 For more information check out their website:

1st International Mokuhanga Conference (Japan), 7-12 June 2011

I was just reading about the 1st International Mokuhanga Conference
which will be held in Japan 7-12 June 2011.

I hear you say "what is mokuhanga?"
It is the traditional name for the ancient art of Japanese woodblock printing!

The conference aims to generate
"excellent results and research in preserving and renovating mokuhanga traditions.
The conference will gather professional print artists, art educators and scholars
in the field of woodblock printmaking to exchange
current research information and experiences with Japanese traditional craftsmen,
printmakers and print related art suppliers and toolmakers."

For information about the conference, here is the website:

An example of mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock print)
Andy Farkas, River, 2009
8-block watercolor woodcut, 7x13 inches.

Along with the conference there is also a juried woodblock print exhibition,
and it is open to international artists.
All prints made in the waterbased mokuhanga tradition
or with contemporary materials that reflect mokuhanga principles have priority.
Also accepted are woodcuts with mixed techniques that carry some Japanese influence.
Deadline for application is 18 December 2010.

For more information about submitting something for the exhibition
see this website: Mokuhanga Exhibition Website

20 September 2010

Michel & Sheyne Tuffery interview

For those people who missed it,
Michel & Sheyne Tuffery were interviewed on Radio NZ yesterday.

Here's the link if you'd like to have a listen:

Michel Tuffery, Ula Tivaevae, 2010
Colour Reduction Multi Woodblock Embossed Print
65x50cm, Edition of 22.

Sheyne Tuffery, Fono II, 2010
Woodcut on 700 x 500 mm paper, from an edition of 22.

18 September 2010

International Inter-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference, Sept 2011 - Melbourne, Australia

International Inter-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference
This is #7 and is called "Intersections and Counterpoints"
in Melbourne, Australia, 27-30 September 2011

It is held biennial and this is the closest it has been to NZ,
so is a good opportunity for printmakers in this part of the world
to get together and talk all things PRINT!
Looks like an interesting range of speakers and workshops.

Their website has some information but is being updated:
You can also follow them on Facebook:

Are you planning to go???
It's only a year away so start saving now!!!

Non-Toxic Printmaking Book

Printmakers are becoming more enthusiastic about using non-toxic material and processes.
Many of you will be aware that NZer Mark Graver has written a book on this topic:

Here's the blurb:
"In this book, Mark Graver puts the case for non-toxic printmaking
and then discusses the various technical factors (both materials and equipment)
to consider when etching with acrylic resists, making aquatints, etching in general,
using drypoint, engraving, making mezzotints and collagraphs
and using photopolymers as well as combining various printmaking techniques.
There is also information on various inks and health and safety measures in the printing workshop.
All in all, this book contains everything you need to know to clean up your printmaking practice."

The release date is 18 January 2011, but you can place orders now

I'd also love your comments about how important you think health & safety is in printmaking.
Are you concerned about toxicity of materials?
Is it a consideration when choosing processes?
Are you interested in finding safer alternatives to traditional materials?

If you have any good websites or books to recommend, please comment below.

17 September 2010

Fatu Feu'u

I got to have a quick chat with Fatu Feu'u this week.
Although he mostly does paintings these day,
he is currently proofing a new series of woodcuts.

He has just been back to Samoa for a short time.
Many communities are still recovering from last year's tsunami.
Fatu's work is his expression of histories, myths, stories,
songs, traditions and political events pertaining to Samoa,
so it is only natural that this major event has had a big impact on him.

Here's an image from last year, containing many recognisable
motifs and symbols, and in Fatu's unique style.
Mata Sogia (Embracing Eyes) is about how the spirit of a person
speaks through their eyes.

Fatu Feu'u, Mata Sogia (Embracing Eyes), 2009
Serigraph (screenprint), edition of 45, 695x1000mm.
People often forget how much hard work goes onto printmaking:
the making of plates, proofing, re-cutting, multiple plates and colours,
more printing, then the editioning...
Fatu's prints can be up to 1m, in 4-5 colours, in editions of 50,
as most of you printmakers will appreciate, that is quite a workout!!!

I'll hopefully have an update for you once the edition is completed.
But in the meantime it is so nice to see Fatu making more prints!

Marty Vreede

On at the moment at Solander Gallery (Wellington)
is an exhibition of new etchings by Whanganui artist Marty Vreede
called "Implement of Change", 8 Sept - 2 Oct 2010.

Drawn from artefacts from the Whanganui Museum,
and to me it seems to reflect a time before photography,
when etching was the medium of choice for artists and historians.
Now often thought of as antiquated itself,
Marty shows why the process has never died.
It is such a beautiful technique in the hands of a master printmaker.

Marty Vreede, Protection and Celebration, 2010.
Etching with harakeke Chine Colle on 510 x 700 mm paper, from an edition of 40.

For those unable to see the show in the flesh,
visit the Solander Gallery website for a look:

Annie Smits Sandano

Annie Smits Sandano has some great examples of woodcut.

Annie was born in Brazil, and trained at the prestigious
Rhode Island School of Design (USA),  
focussing on illustration, design and composition.
Following this, Annie spent a semester in Florence, Italy,
where she studied illustration, painting,
Renaissance Italian art history and textile design.
Annie also attended Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland,
where she developed both ideas & technical printmaking skills.

In 2008 she had a piece selected for the Wallace Arts Trust collection,
and in 2009 had two pieces selected as finalists
for the Waikato Society of Arts Waikato Youth Art Awards,
and has participated in many group shows over the past few years.

Annie Smits Sandano, Fantail Kokowhai Korero.
Limited edition woodcut print 70x50cm. Edition of 200.

The New Zealand Works series have very strong graphic elements.
In this one, I like how the korus seem to turn to music notes,
as if they are the song of the fantails.
The series is a combination of elegant birds, patterns and vessels.

The series of Woodcuts has some very quirky characters
which are worth a look.

For more info and images see her website:

Beth Charles

Here's an interesting series of works by Beth Charles.
They appear to be collages made from prints.
Many are drawn or stitched on, cut up to make new images.
There is a nice quality of line and form to this series,
makes me want to 'recycle' my old prints as drawings too!

Beth Charles, It's been too late for a long time, 2008
From the series 24 Hours
Isn't it great when you find other ways to explore printmaking?!
...and when you are inspired to get in the studio and 'play'?!

The whole 24 Hours series can be seen on Beth's website:

Struan Hamilton

In the past year Scottish-born printmaker Struan Hamilton has moved to NZ. 
He is a graduate of Dundee’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art.
Struan was the manager of Belfast Print Workshop for nine years,
and spent time at Edinburgh and Dundee Print Workshops,
and the world-famous Atelier Contrepoint (formerly 17) in Paris,
where he was assistant to its director, Hector Saunier.
He is now working at Elam, University of Auckland.

On his website he comments about the process of making,
"the abstract quality is not a deliberate or forced field,
but more what seems an inevitable conclusion
to the gradual build up of fine details
in quite separate areas on the plate surface."

Struan Hamilton, The Way, 2008(?)
Viscosity Etching, 30x30cm

I thought this was a great illustration of that 'build up of fine detail',
and the colours add to its boldness and gestural textures.

For more information & images check out his website:

Emma McCleary

Yet another printmaker I recently discovered is Emma McCleary.
Her artworks have a strong reference to vintage craftiness,
very small editions of woodblocks, often made with a rolling pin.

One of the works I most liked was this one,
great colour combo, with pattern, line and stitching.
She comments "My prints are always drawn, painted, sewn, or stamped
before they're finished."

Emma McCleary, First Flutter, 2009.
From edition of 9.
Check out more artworks on her website:

Brad Novak

Here's another of my favourite recent finds... Brad Novak
The 'pop art' style really suits his range of images,
while still retaining the hand-made feel of screenprints.
I was fascinated to discover that Brad has no formal art training,
in fact his 'day job' is as a medical doctor!

"By combining my passion for two very different and exciting careers,
I'm continuing to challenge stereotypes.
I have found a balance that I once only dreamed of."
(Brad Novak, 2009)

Brad Novak, Football 2010 - Eye Chart for NZ in South Africa 1.1, 2010
Limited edition 2-colour screen print on Fabriano fine art paper, 560mm x 760mm
Edition size of 80. Individually numbered, named and signed by the artist. 
 He was recently chosen to represent NZ
in a high profile international art collaboration
for the Football World Cup in South Africa 2010,
this is the image (above).

His latest work is part of a group show called "What it is to be Kiwi"
It opens next week, 24 Sept -18 Oct at Harrison's Gallery, Tauranga
(also including Weston Frizzell, Shane Hansen and Tony Ogle)

For more images and info check out his website:

Ben Reid

...another interesting NZ printmaker is Ben Reid from Christchurch.
He makes work about NZ's fragile & unique eco-system.

I especially like the drypoint images combined with patterns
printed and/or embossed, such as this beautiful example:

Ben Reid, Hihi (Green), 2009.
Drypoint and Woodcut on 575x380 mm paper, edition of 10.
Check out more work on his website:

Lester Hall

Another of my favourite recent discoveries is artist Lester Hall.
His work is ‘graphic’ in style, prints with whimsical characters
that reference NZ culture, kiwiana & the Treaty...
a great conversation starter!

Lester Hall, Cheeky Little Darkie.
Digital Print on art paper (various sizes).

Also check out this interview:

14 September 2010

Mark Graver

Over the past few weeks I've discovered so many interesting NZ printmakers.
One of notable mention is Mark Graver. 

Mark Graver, Harbin II, 2010.
Etching, 100x150mm.

Artist / Printmaker (MA Printmaking Camberwell College of Arts, London)
specialising in non toxic printmaking and painting
Author of the book Non-Toxic Printmaking
Teaches Printmaking part time at NorthTec
Founder of Wharepuke Gallery & Studio in Kerikeri
(which has a gallery, studio and even artists' holidays/accomodation!)
With work in international museums, public & private international collections
...and more recently the winner of Lessedra World Print Award 2010
Now there's a busy NZ printmaker for you!

Check out his website:

26th Annual Fine Print Fair, Cleveland / Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions

I was just sent this info about the 26th Annual Fine Print Fair,
Cleveland’s largest and most comprehensive exhibition
of fine prints, lectures & workshops on printmaking.
It begins this week...
It sure looks like quite an event for their local Print Club,
who have been going for something like 90-years!

Print by Janet Fish

It's also listed on www.brodskycenter.org
which is the website of 'Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions'. 
The Centre has such a diverse collection of 'prints',
and its website is well worth a look!

11 September 2010

NZ Print Artists

Do you know of some great New Zealand printmakers? 
Maybe its YOU???
Send me a link to your/their webpage and I'll check it out!!!
I'd love to add more awesome NZ artists to the list...

09 September 2010

Domestic I.D. IV, by Willie Cole

I first discovered this piece of work when I was at art school, and I still love it!
It's a great example of printmaking that doesn't really fit the conventions.
Here's a clip of the artist Willie Cole talking about it...

03 September 2010

A Good Place To Start!

Hi Printmakers!

If you love NZ and printmaking
then this blog is for you!

All things related to contemporary print making...
publications, resources, favourite websites, print-related books,
exhibition invites, studios for rent/hire, technical advice,
suppliers of print equipment, how-to videos,
upcoming conferences or workshops,
print competition information, galleries, etc...
in fact any print information to share with other NZ printmakers! 

Subscribe to keep up-to-date on what's happening!