Cardboard Intaglio

I just recently heard about an interesting process
which is a form of cardboard printing / 'engraving'.

Julienne Francis went to a workshop in Melbourne recently
which was taught by Christine Willcocks (AU). Julienne said:
 "The workshop with Christine was excellent. 
Cardboard is a pretty humble material to work with, 
but it has many possibilities and paths of development 
which of course one cannot explore in a couple of days. 
The process not unlike Stanley Palmer's bamboo engravings."

Christine Willcocks (AU), Congruere I, 2010

Incised cardboard with ink stain on lockta paper, 65 x 80cm

 I'm looking forward to seeing both the plates and the prints.
Seems like it could be a brilliant introductory process
to explain and explore the basics of intaglio etching,
or as a cost-effective alternative to metal or plastic plates.

Christine Willcocks will be coming to NZ soon
and I will keep you informed of when & where her workshop(s) will be.