Chimera, Prudence Mac Dougall, 22 Nov-10 Dec

Prudence Mac Dougall's Chimera exhibition
 opens on Tuesday 22 November at Satellite Gallery in Auckland.
She invites you to come see the artworks at the gallery
as well as 4 'morning teas' in which you can come talk to her about the work.

The chimera is an extraordinary fire breathing creature from Greek mythology. 
It was initially a grotesque combination of a lion, a goat and the serpent 
and the central figure of one of the earliest legends depicted in Greek art. 
However, the definition can apply to any imaginary creature made up of different animals.

The word chimera is also used to refer to organisms that contain genially different material 
and it is this definition that Prudence Mac Dougall explores 
in her newest body of solar plate etchings: the ‘Chimera’ suite. 

After graduating with distinction from Elam School of Fine Art in the mid 1980s 
Prudence traveled, studied and exhibited extensively internationally. 
including The British School in Rome, International School of Art in Umbria 
and The Byam Shaw School of Art in London. 
Prudence has also exhibited with many galleries in and around New Zealand
and has works in many private collections in New Zealand and overseas. 

Her art practice has always operated like a stage: setting a scene 
that reflects her real life experience and explores the dynamics of human relationships. 
Her intention when creating images is to recreate a significant moment in time 
as if glimpsed through a transformative lens, 
offering us fantastical visions from an amazing and magical world. 

Although strongly influenced by Goya, 
Prudence’s fantastical beasts are always portrayed with great humor and charm; 
creations more at home in children’s fairy tales than the horror of night mares.