Print Season 2011 Exhibition One

The first exhibition of Print Season 2011
is on 25 February - 5 March at St.Paul St Gallery Three in Auckland City.
The opening event is on this Thursday 24 February 2011 at 5.30pm.

It featuring work by Laura Marsh and Rosemary Nightingale,
who share a common engagement with the ideas of 'place'
and how this relationship inflects our cultural identities.

Rosemary Nightingale, 2010

In recent work Rosemary Nightingale took impressions of found rocks and
reproductions of historic maps to reflect the topography of the land in NZ national parks.

Laura Marsh, Nature Culture Nation, 2010

Laura Marsh’s recent exhibition The Trouble With Being A Proud Pākehā
approached the tricky terrain of Pākehā cultural and national identity
as it is constructed through a relationship to, and representation of the land.