Jacob Rolfe

Jacob Rolfe's exhibition An Amazing System of W[r]iggles 
will be on at Solander Gallery in Wellington 6-30 October 2010

Even though I'm not entirely sure where Jacob Rolfe is now based,
he will be flying down from Canada for the show in Wellington
and to do a residency at the Te Kowhai Print Trust in Whangarei.

Here is an example of his work:
Jacob Rolf, Chemical Structures State II, 2010
Screenprint on paper, edition of 7

"Jacob Rolfe's investigation into the nature of reality, awareness
and identity finally come together in his latest exhibition of screen prints.
Philosopher Alan Watts (1915-1973) describes
our experience of reality as an overlapping series of vibrations:
sight, emotional, touch and sound.
These vibrations combine and overlap to form a pattern,
and that pattern, that 'amazing system of wriggles',
is what we experience as reality.
Jacob intrigues us with his own amazing system of wriggles
through his wild and humorous use of line, shape and colour"

 Jacob's work can be viewed here:
or his own website: The Floating World