Minu has a new exhibition opening Monday 4 October 5:30-7:00pm.
In your Dreams: New works on paper by minu
is being shown at Deluxe Cafe in Wellington
4-17 October 2010

Good news for all of you who won't make it to the show,
the prints will be available online for NZ$80 each at
Felt, Etsy and Dawanda websites (as well as at Deluxe Cafe)
or check out minu's website

Originally from Germany, minu arrived in Wellington 3 years ago and stayed.
With a background in commercial design and architecture,
minu now works as an independent illustrator, toymaker and artist.
Her artwork ranges from traditional printmaking to mixed media and textile art.

I think this show is a series of drypoint intaglio prints,
but here is another image of the intriguing characters she illustrates:

minu, work in progress for NZ Art Show, 2010
 I love this image from her blog, it shows her playfulness,
layering images with stitching and other media.

I was just thinking how much I liked this artwork and then I read:
"Note a couple of weeks later: These totally did not work the way I imagined them.
They look totally wrong to me. I will work on the idea, but these will go in the bin."
If this is a 'reject' I wish I saw the rest that made it to the show!!!