Boundless / In the Frame, 16-27May, Wellington

Boundless / In the Frame is a joint exhibition presented by members of 
 with exhibitors who come from throughout New Zealand, 
as well as Scotland, Australia and the Netherlands.

The exhibition will be shown from 16-27 May 
at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington. 

The works in the exhibition In the Frame / Boundless were selected by 
Jill Webster, a print tutor at EIT committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional print, 
and Anthony Davies, a printmaker who has taught and exhibited extensively worldwide. 

Boundless: explores the boundaries of print and challenges the concept 
that prints have to be framed or constrained by editioning or the flatness of paper 

In the Frame: encourages a contemporary approach to print 
while acknowledging the importance of traditional printmaking techniques. 

There will be an opening celebration for this exhibition
from 5-7pm on Tuesday 16 May, with remarks by the legendary Marty Vreede.