Limited Edition Print Summer Workshop at CEAC

Corban Estate Arts Centre is hosting a 5 day workshop in
creating your own Limited Edition Print (All Levels)
being taught by Shelley Ryde on 17-21 January 2011

Based on individual themes, students will be lead through step-by-step instructions
for planning a print edition, using selected techniques to produce
a composite print in the form of a series of layers or sequences.

Plates will be prepared using a range of techniques including:
 collagraph, cut stencils and silkscreen or mono print, dry point,
photopolymer and polyester prints and woodcut or linocut.

Participants will experiment with the possibilities of multiple print layers,
colour separations, and composition devices and investigate different visual elements
such as scale, colour, pattern and contrast.

Shelley Ryde is the Head of the Visual Arts Faculty at Diocesan School
and is a renowned arts educator with more than 30 years experience.
Shelley has been involved in curriculum development at national levels
and has contributed to local, national and international courses
and conferences in the visual arts field.
Her own work is in private collections in New Zealand and internationally.

Fee: $520 (materials included)

For more information about this course see CEAC's website