30 May 2013

Dagmar Dyck & Cerisse Palalagi, til 15 June, Wellington

I've just been looking at the images from the exhibition 
on currently at Solander Gallery in Wellington
featuring works by Dagmar Dyck & Cerise Palalagi,
 it on until 15 June, so if you're in the area then go have a look.

For those who can't make it to Wellington,
here are a few images from the show you may like:

Dagmar Dyck, Blurred Lines I, 2013
screenprint, 35x27cm, edition of 15

Dagmar Dyck, Blurred Lines II, 2013
screenprint, 35x27cm, edition of 15

Dagmar Dyck, Blurred Lines III, 2013
screenprint, 35x27cm, edition of 15

Cerisse Palalagi, Fale, 2013
Silkscreen and woodcut, 50x70cm, edition of 3

Cerisse Palalagi, Niutoni, 2013
Silkscreen and woodcut, 50x70cm, edition of 3

Cerisse Palalagi, Rest, 2013
Silkscreen and woodcut, 36x29cm, edition of 3

Cerisse Palalagi, Summit, 2013
Silkscreen and woodcut, 36x29cm, edition of 3

28 May 2013

APS & Askew Print @ SemiPermanent, 31May-1June, Auckland

Check out this video about the making of this lithograph
featuring John Pusateri from Auckland Print Studio.

Askew One 'Everything Is Dust' is a limited edition lithographic print series. 
For the duration of Semi-Permanent Auckland (31 May and 1 June), 
these prints are a special release price of $200 (RRP $400) 
and are available for purchase at the event or from store.askew1.com
From 2 June, the RRP will be reinstated.

Here is a 'sneak preview' of the prints in progress at APS: 

Workshop image - beginning...
Askew One, Everything is Dust 1, 2013
Lithograph, 46x46cm, edition of 30

Workshop image - work in progress...
Askew One, Everything is Dust 1, 2013
Lithograph, 46x46cm, edition of 30

Workshop image - stone ready to print...
Askew One, Everything is Dust 1, 2013
Lithograph, 46x46cm, edition of 30

Workshop image - work in progress...
Askew One, Everything is Dust 2, 2013
Lithograph, 46x46cm, edition of 30

Workshop image - close-up of image on stone...
Askew One, Everything is Dust 2, 2013
Lithograph, 46x46cm, edition of 30

Workshop image - stack of prints...
Askew One, Everything is Dust 2, 2013
Lithograph, 46x46cm, edition of 30

Purchase tickets to Semi-Permanent Auckland: www.semipermanent.com/event_auckland_2013 
For more info about Auckland Print Studio: www.aucklandprintstudio.com
Thanks to B&F Papers for the great paper stock: www.bfpapers.co.nz

23 May 2013

Call for Submissions: Printocracy, 8 Aug, USA

Asheville BookWorks is pleased to announce an inaugural event, PrintOcracy, 
conceived as a biennial printmaking exhibit featuring works on paper. 

This is an open Call-for-Prints with emphasis on contemporary print culture. 
Prints including one or more of the following printmaking processes are sought:
 all forms of relief printing including letterpress; screen printing; 
engraving; intaglio; lithography; and alternative print processes. 

This exhibit is open to all artists working with hand-pulled printmaking processes. 
Mixed media works are welcome. 
Exclusively digital prints, commercially printed work or conventional photography will not be considered. 

Prints pulled in past two years, 2012- 2013.
Prints should be unframed, size is limited to 24” in any direction.
Work will be juried from jpegs submitted on-line
Works to be submitted by 8 August 2013
Entry fee: US$25 for up to 3 entries.
Jurer: Bill Flick

See Asheville Bookworks website for more information.
(It says open to international artists, however,
there is only a week or so between notifications and delivery of prints
so if you enter then be prepared to pay for express postage!)

17 May 2013

Call for Entries: Silk Cut Lino Awards 2013, 3June

A quick reminder about the Silk Cut Lino Awards for 2013,
entries close on 3 June, so not much time to get your linocut finished and entered
(luckily the deadline is for submitting a digital image, not needing postage)

Open to international artists. Must use Silk Cut Lino. Entry fee AU$22
The Open prize is worth AU$10,000 (acquisitive)
Tertiary student prize of AU$1,000
Student prize is AU$2,500 for the school

Here's a few images from last year's award:

For more information about entering, see http://www.silkcutlino.com/2013_silkcut_award.html
Happy printing!!!

16 May 2013

100 Days Project NZ

Hey NZ Printmakers,
I just heard about this interesting project that you may want to do:
It's called the "100 Days Project".
It starts on 7 June, ending with a celebration on 14 September 2013.

You set yourself a creative task then do it for 100 days
(make it manageable, such as making a print/artwork of a set size, 10x10cm or A4)
Each day must be documented in some way (artwork or photo).

Here's a video of Emma Rogan talking about the project
at TEDx Auckland, published Dec 2012 
(if you're short on time, I recommend you start at 2mins):

It sounds a great way to encourage yourself to be creative + play
while also the challenge of being disciplined,
and to get lots of experiments made without so much emphasis on the end product.

See their website 100daysproject.co.nz if you want to join.

14 May 2013

Andy Warhol

I was disappointed that I missed the Andy Warhol exhibition
on recently at Gow Langsford Gallery in Auckland.
But thought I'd post some photos here in case it inspired you:

installation view
Installation view, Andy Warhol
Gow Langsford Gallery, Kitchener St, Auckland. 17 April - 11 May 2013

The work of Andy Warhol needs little introduction. 
As America took a turn from the conventional conservatism
 that ruled the ‘50s into the swinging sixties –
a new time of cultural liberty, frivolity, and mass-production and consumerism emerged.
As a pioneering artist of the associated artistic movement of Pop Art,
Andy Warhol’s now world-famous work explores the relationship
between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement.
This exhibition covers major themes in his works –
skulls, Chairman Mao, Marilyn and the electric chairs.

Andy Warhol (USA), Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn), #23, 1967
Screenprint, 91x91cm, edition of 250 (+ 26 APs)

Warhol_Campbell's Soup Can II-Hot Dog Bean_1969_screenprint on paper_885x580mm
Andy Warhol (USA), Campbell's Soup Can II - Hot Dog Bean #59, 1969
Screenprint, 90x121cm, edition of 250 (+ 26 APs)

Warhol_Electric Chairs_1971
Andy Warhol (USA), Electric Chair, 1971 
Screenprint, 90x121cm, edition of 250 (+ 50 APs)

Andy Warhol (USA), Mao #99, 1972
Screenprint, 91x91cm, edition of 250 (+ 50 APs)

Warhol Skulls3
Andy Warhol (USA), Skulls #160, 1976
Screenprint, 76x101cm, edition of 50

Andy Warhol (USA), Joseph Beuys, 1980
Screenprint, 112x76cm, edition of 90 (+ 15 APs) 

Screenprinted images form an integral part of Warhol’s practice. 
Warhol’s decision to select images from popular culture
and combine them with the printing processes of the commercial world
was an essential element of his Pop statement. 
With nearly scientific fervour, he dissected the very mechanics of image production
and, through this unexpected commonplace vehicle, discovered a way to be original.”
(Donna de Salvo, “Andy Warhol Prints”, Ronald Feldan Fine Arts, Inc., 1997, p. 16).

Focusing on an item of popular culture,
the subject of his screenprints enters the realm of “Pop Art”
through his trademark colouring and screen print production techniques. 
The resulting images became almost iconic, a metaphor for America -
 its capitalism, its abundance, its industry, and, most importantly,
 its simultaneous and contradictory desire for innovation and uniformity.
(adapted from “Andy Warhol Prints: a catalogue raisonne 1962-1987”, Frayda Feldman and Jorg Schellmann, 3rd edition, 1997)

13 May 2013

Struan Hamilton, Salvagepunk

Just in case you missed seeing Struan Hamilton's recent exhibition,
'Salvagepunk: Cartographies of Ruin' last month at the Saatchi Gallery in Auckland,
I just found the photos of the opening & artworks (better late than never).
These were posted on ArtsDiary so I thought I'd share them with you:












Great work Struan!
See www.struanhamilton.com to learn more about the artist and see more of his prints.

10 May 2013

Prudence MacDougall, 17May-9June, Porirua

Prudence MacDougall's exhibition, Chimera Revisted,
will be on at Pataka Blue Pacific Gallery, Porirua, from 17 May to 9 June.

"Prudence’s art practice has always operated like a stage: 
setting a scene that reflects her real life experience 
and exploring the dynamics of human relationships. 
Her intention when creating images is to recreate a significant moment in time 
as if glimpsed through a transformative lens, 
offering us fantastical visions from an amazing and magical world.

Although strongly influenced by Goya,
Prudence’s fantastical beasts are always portrayed with great humour and charm; 
creations more at home in children’s fairy tales than the horror of nightmares."

Prue sent me a sneak peak, here's a couple of the new works from the show:

Prudence MacDougall, The Main Attraction, 2013
Solar plate etching

Prudence MacDougall, Culture Vulture, 2013
Solar plate etching


09 May 2013

Dagmar Dyck & Cerisse Palalagi, 15May-15June, Wellington

Solander Gallery in Wellington are hosting an exhibition
of new works by Dagmar Dyck and Cerisse Palalagi,
opening on Wednesday 15 May from 5.30-7pm.
Dagmar and Cerisse will be in attendance on the night of the opening. 

Dagmar Dyck, Woven Strips I, 2013
Mixed media, 31x57cm

Dagmar Dyck: Between the lines....
Auckland artist Dagmar Dyck explores the graphic iconography
sourced from the fibre technology within her Tongan heritage.
Threaded throughout this new body of work is a visual process
that documents the transformation of raw material to woven treasure. 
The work remains sectionalised as ritual proclaims,
but the palette combines the energies and colours of a modern Pacific landscape
with the subtlety of customary tradition.

Cerrise Palalagi, Niutoni, 2013
Silkscreen and woodcut, 23x71cm

Cerisse Palalagi: New Works
Cerrise is of Niuean and Māori (Te Arawa) descent.
Her current works are about the interconnected mix
of  architecture, pattern & landscape within Aotearoa.

07 May 2013

Fabric Printing, NZ Style

I've been doing a lot of screenprinting with fashion and textile students lately.
It has my mind buzzing with lots of exciting possibilities,
so thought I'd share a few thoughts with you...

I encourage people to choose a good quality water-based inks
such as Permaset, Supercover inks are opaque on dark colours, fully washable and can be ironed.
A low mesh count such as 43T is good if your design has large block areas or bold lines,
for a finer pattern or line, a 60-77T will give more detail but ink dries in the mesh quicker.

Some textiles are printed individually by hand,
multi-colour images may be printed using a carousel or automated machine.

6-colour carousel for screenprinting
at Gooses Screen Design (Christchurch)

Commercial screen printing
Design & Print Textile Ltd  (Auckland)

A splash of good design and/or colour can really make something plain into something exciting.
Many designer's or art student's first print on fabric is a t-shirt design.
These can be funny, political, arty and/or fashionable.

T-shirt design by Glennz (Auckland)
so popular it even appeared on 'Big Bang Theory'

If done well, printing on clothing can transform it into a statement of personal style.
Think about placement - maybe a corner, one panel, or take over the whole item!

Cultural designs can be worn as a statement of identity.
Printed design on front of vest,  Norwinnz (Auckland)

Prints don't need to be limited to one block design,
consider a print for the whole garment.
Digitally printed jersey,  AUT Textile Design Lab

It doesn't just have to be for clothes,
think about a range of items or textiles that can also be printed on:
hosiery, bags, lampshades, cushion & furniture covers...

Print on hosiery, Imprint (Christchurch)
These textile designs by Flora Waycott (Wellington)

includes teatowels, tote bags, pouches etc
Screenprinted decor items from Skunk & Robot (Nelson)

Printed textiles by Ingrid Anderson (Northland)
main image lamps
Lampshade & cushion covers from T-Double-L (Whangarei)
Swirley Owls, Anthea Grob (Wellington), Vida Textiles

Also, remember that screen printing doesn't have to be single-colour or 'boring'...
there are a huge range of textile in colours, including fluoro and metalic inks
which can be printed individually or in combination.

Colours in Maori, Mr Vintage

You can screen down printable adhesive and create interesting textures
such as gold foil and flocking like these great works by Kelvin Mann (NZ/Ireland).

Kelvin MannGoldfish I, 2011
Gold foil and flock on paper, 50x65cm, edition of 25

You can screen using puff additives to colours to make a raised texture,
or add glow-in-the-dark pigment to clear print paste...
(Glow-in-the-dark pigments available from www.glowinthedark.co.nz)

Screenprinted adhesive with sheets of flocking
make great texture for textiles

If you have access to digital printers, there are transfer papers for fabrics.
Simply print on the paper and transfer it by heatpress to the fabric.
Great for a one-off test print or for quick and easy multi-colour multiples,
also for any job too difficult to screenprint. On pieces or finished garments.
Available from Heat Press Media, either for white fabrics, or opaque for dark fabrics.

If you have access to a vinyl cutter experiment with heatpress vinyl,
 it comes in all sorts of colours and textures so you can make a whole series of prints
(or it can be used to make hand-cut designs too if you have the inclination).

These products are fixed onto the material using heat, very versatile prints for fabric.

So many options!!! And so many possibilities of how you can use the fabric!
If any of you NZ Printmakers are doing fabric printing,
I'd love to know about your current projects.