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Print Workshops at Inverlochy, January 2011

Merry Christmas from New Zealand Printmakers!

Etching Press for Sale


White Silence

Year-Long Printmaking Course at ArtStation 2011

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Screenprint Workshop at ArtStation, 13-15 January

31st Mini Print International of Cadaqués 2011

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Out Of The Box Exhibition in Australia

Marian McGuire's The Labours of Herakles, Ashburton

Kathy Boyle

Limited Edition Print Summer Workshop at CEAC

CPCANZ Summer School 2011

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UCOL Summer School 2011

Stephen Mumberson and Chris Pig

A Summer Affair


Waiprint 2010

Esther Hansen

Marian McGuire's The Labours of Herakles


Albrecht Durer Exhibition Tours South Island

Magical, Mundane and the Mystical

Monotype & Monoprint

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