Exhibition: Anna Molineux & Rachel Schanzer, 15July-9Aug, Auckland

Stratum of Ideations is a new exhibition 
by Anna Molineux and Rachel Schanzer,
from now until 9 August,
Gallery 2 at Estuary Arts Centre in Orewa, Auckland.

Anna Molineux's works are inspired by body form, 
the essence and energy of our being. 
​A collection of layered monoprints and resin pieces
exploring the essence of human energy through movement and emotion
whether it be collective, in partnership or individually.
How we can empower, rejoice, love
and share our positive energy when expressing ourselves.


Rachel Schanzer has a BA in Visual Arts (Print and Kiln-fired Glass) from University of Western Sydney,
and also has been a Secondary School Art teacher for 28 years.

The work in this exhibition is a response to Covid19 lockdown,
where Rachel's 'new normal' lead to a low-FODMAP diet,
and creating a desire to promote home grown vegetables
and sharing of excess produce within her community.

Her art making also evolved through a process of experimentation. 
This body of work is a medley of printmaking
(zinc plate etching, woodblock, linocut and eco printing)
along with drawing, painting, cut-out and re-assembling
to create these tactile artworks,
with a focus on textures, natural hues, and a sense of playfulness.

"Ma te marama, ka matau; Ma te matau, ka ora"
Through understanding comes knowledge;
through knowledge comes life and well-being.

For more information, see www.estuaryarts.org/current-exhibitions.html
or the exhibition's Facebook event.