Exciting New Course to Build Your Art Practice

I wanted to share with you about this exciting new 'practical-academic' course 
by Deborah Crowe, which is now open for enrolments:
Bridge: A Pracademic Approach to Building Scaffolding for Your Art Practice.

With a sustained art practice and 25+years of experience of tertiary teaching, 
postgraduate supervision and professional artist mentoring, 
Deborah specialises in working with students, artists 
and creative professionals seeking a stronger grasp 
of how to research, ways to utilise findings in your practice, 
 building strong and informative ties between research and making. 
Deborah is known for facilitating learners’ development in a style 
that is energetic, informative, robust, and empathetic.
Deborah's strategic insights will certainly help sharpen your practice!

'Bridge' is a course run over 18 weeks
 that is designed to help you develop and accelerate your art practice. 
The core aim is to build a robust research 
and contextual base that underpins your work. 
This may lead towards undertaking academic study or further education. 
The course is designed to provide you with practical tools, 
frameworks and strategies towards developing research skills, 
self-directed practice, critical and independent thinking skills, 
advanced practical skills, writing skills, and building knowledge 
and confidence in the articulation about the ideas you are developing, 
and how your practice relates to contemporary visual art.  

This course is designed for intermediate practitioners 
who have a portfolio of existing work. 
There will be coursework (practice and research-based in relation to your ideas) 
utilising an informal assessment model 
to help you gain a deeper understanding of progressions, 
strengths and areas for development in your work. 
The course structure, flexible facilitation style, 
and being part of a small cohort will provide one to one and group support 
for learners trying new things, an engaging environment for discovery learning,
 fun exercises, and will foster peer support systems. 

If this is the kind of stimulus, framework and or extension 
you want for your practice, enrol now at: www.browne.school.nz/bridge