Something To Remember, Auckland, til 9 June

Something to Remember is a collaborative exhibition between Alexis Neal and Elke Finkenauer,
which refers to the act of refiguring a past as contingent in the present. 
Check it out at Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland, before 9 June.

The work, which includes lithography, screenprint, debossment, 
foil-stamped texts, sculptural installation and artist books, considers the process 
of forming identity influenced by community, place, role-models, and experiences; 
as well as the structures providing contexts within which identity is established.

Alexis Neal. Photo courtesy of

"Physicality and tactile surfaces are significant to ‘Something to Remember’. 
Ink is printed onto rich, velvety paper and exhibited alongside thick knotted rope strands 
and woven whāriki, suspended works that have been slowly and carefully crafted. 
Intricate details and two handmade artist books make this show an ideal opportunity 
to contemplate remembrance, whether personal or collective."

If you can't make it to the show,
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