Whanganui River Print Exhibition

New Zealand printmaker Graham Hall has coordinated a 20-metre woodcut print 
which depicts the entire length of the Whanganui River, 290km from the mountain to the sea.
You can view the finished print at Edith Gallery in Whanganui,
opening on 9 January at 5:30pm

The project documents the path of the river on 42 panels, which join together.
Each panel was carved by a different artist with their own interpretation of the surrounds,
based on personal research on the area corresponding with section of river they have chosen.

The layout of the blocks with the river pattern engraved
before being sent to each artist for their input

This inclusive project brings together a cross section of people, 
including young students and established print makers and artists.

To see each of the 42 artists' panels, 
see the project's website, www.whanganuiriverprint.com