Emma McLellan, 6 May-5 June, Kerikeri

Emma McLellan's current exhibition, Artificially Translated,
opens on 6 May at Art at Wharepuke gallery in Kerikeri, through to 5 June.

Emma McLellan, The Devil is in the Detail, 2016
Screenprint and paint on panel

"My work explores genetic engineering through a blending of science fiction and reality; 
combining and juxtaposing literary fantasies with scientific possibilities.

Searching the internet, images of cloned animals and human medical stem cell research 
sit alongside photo shopped imaginings of hybridised dysfunctional animals. 
This melting pot of truth and lies reminds me of medieval printed bestiaries 
of imagined and real animals presented for examination and fascination.

This body of work explores an imagined representation 
of human organ cultivation and stem cell experiments."

Emma McLellan, Plans and Spares, 2016
Screenprint and paint on panel

Emma lectures at the Faculty of Creative Arts, Manukau Institute of Technology.