DIY Screenprint Trolley

Good equipment can make your life so much easier!

So here is an example of a print trolley I created a few years ago
from upcycling a baby change table, adding a table top for screen printing on paper.
The table is 60x80cm, so can easily accommodate a standard 50x60cm screen,
and the finished height is just above 90cm, which is standard work/kitchen bench height.

The table was bought second-hand from TradeMe for approximately $10.
It already has two shelves built in, which are very handy for storing inks and tools,
(though you may need to add a brace to reinforce it if loading it up with heavy ink containers like I do!)
and the tray on top has become my 'secret' hiding place for paper storage -
very handy when editioning, to ensure nothing spills on it.

The board on top for printing is just 16mm MDF, 
coated with a hard polyurathane floor varnish.
 (My handy tip is to use a foam roller, as it gives a much smoother finish 
and you can just throw it out when you're done)

Registration can be made much easier with the help
by the addition of some heavy-duty screen clamps from CCG.
If I want to print fabric samples, I can simply flip the board over,
and I have a padded calico to print on.

Instead of attaching the top permanently,
I created a notch on the underside of the board so it slots onto the corner posts
so it won't slide while printing (it's useful to own a few woodcut tools).
This allows easy access to the paper storage underneath,
and it also can me move to another table in seconds if needed.

On the edge of the shelf I have used two hand-grips as a 'squeegee holder' ($2 each at Mitre10),
so when the blade is covered in ink you don't have to put it down on the printing area,
and therefore reducing likelihood of dirtying where your paper will be placed.

Now I hope you can see how easy this is to create yourself,
with no wood-working skills or fancy equipment.
It also saves a lot of space in my workshop, makes inks more accessible,
and as it is on castors I can move anywhere in the studio easily.

If you've got a piece of equipment that makes printing easier,
and you'd like to share about it with other NZ Printmakers,
then take a few photos and send me an email - 
I love to hear from you!!!


tonihartillart said…
Looks great! I especially like the squeegee holder idea - clever!
Unknown said…
This is brilliant. Thanks for all the details.