Happy New Year 2016!!!

Happy New Year to all you NZ printmakers!

I'm thinking about what fun and helpful blog articles I can offer to you in 2016...
I'm open to suggestions about what printmaking articles you're interested in reading, 
or if you have any ideas for beneficial topics you want me to write about this year.
Comment below or email me, and I'll see what I can do!

I'd love to hear about your printmaking New Years goals or resolutions;
Perhaps you want to learn a new process?
A new printmaking project or exhibition?
Need to hone your technical skills? Or to develop your ideas further?

I'm also looking forward to hearing about your exhibitions and projects,
so please remember to send me details so I can 'spread the word' for you.


Lou said…
Hi, I'd love to read some profiles/interviews with some NZ printmakers this year :)
My main (and on going) goal this year is to develop my skills in screen printing and lino cut. Happy new year!
NZ Printmakers said…
Thanks for your feedback, Lou. Artist Profiles are a great idea! I like your goals for the year, let us know if we can help.