Whakaata (Contemporary Maori Art Prints), 12Sept-22Nov, Bay of Islands

Whakaata is an exhibition of contemporary Maori Art Prints,
and will be exhibited at Russell Museum, Bay of Islands
opening 12 September to 22 November.

For some 50 years producing print art works on paper 
has been a constant form of medium for contemporary Māori artists. 
Māori working in the arts education found the medium easy to use and accessible to students. 
For some, it has become more than that and is now a key vehicle 
for them express their contemporary views on being Māori in a global setting. 

A leader amongst these artists has been Gabrielle Belz, a key advocate for print artists. 
She has beside her a strong group of artists including 
Faith McManus, Simon Kaan, Vanessa Edwards and Alexis Neal. 

On the 12 September 2015 at the Russell Art Museum in the Bay of Islands, 
Gabrielle and museum curator, Shelly Arlidge, will open the exhibition 
showcasing a selection of works from print artists 
who began in the 1950's through to the present day.