Woodcut, 1July-8Aug, Wellington

Woodcut is an exhibition at Solander Gallery in Wellington, running from 1 July - 8 August.
You can also meet the artists at the opening event 1-3pm on Saturday 4 July.

Woodcut has been synomous with printmaking for 1000's of years and yet as a medium, 
still has the power to illicit exciting, contemporary and challenging works of art. 
Woodcut, perhaps more than any other medium, 
shows the hand of the artist in direct dialogue with the matrix. 
This exhibition brings together printmaking artists, Denise Copland, 
Duncan Pepe Long, Graham Hall, Marty Vreede, Michel Tuffery, Sam Harrison 
who each explore the practice of woodcut from notably different perspectives.
Sam Harrison, Annabell II, 2015
woodcut, 96x70cm, edition of 7
Marty Vreede, Cutting Remarks - Raupatu, 2014
woodcut, artist book, 20x66cm, edition of 1
Graham Hall, Hand Bell, 2015
woodcut, 35x50cm, edition of 10