For Sale: Screenprint Equipment, Auckland

Yesterday I got a message from a screenprinting contact in Auckland
saying he is reluctantly selling off his excess screenprinting equipment.
It is worth much more than the selling price, but the space is desperately needed, so must go!
This creates a new opportunity for someone out there who wants to get started.
  • 4-colour 3-station carousel: commercial heavy-duty, made in NZ by AH Candy, in great condition
  • Large screens and screen rack - really good condition screens, range of mesh counts
  • 40x t-shirt screens (500x600mm)
  • Solvent inks: approximately 40kg (usually $100/kg) 
  • Plastisol Ink: 25 pots / colours for printing textiles. 
  • Some waterbased inks
  • Few squeegees and bits of rubber
  • Large hand-bench for printing posters, large fabric panels etc.
  • Large Hix Heatpress - for curing ink or vinyl on shirts
  • 3-phase Fosfan JetAir750 Dryer: good belt, new wiring & switches, and ceramic elements
  • Quartz Flash Cure - for drying in between colours on the carousel.
  • Heatgun
  • Pantone books for colour matching
  • Parts washer for cleaning screens, brand new & never been used 
  • 2 large tables for sorting and stacking garments, pressing shirts, etc. 

Selling as a bulk lot, beginning at just $1000... or Buy Now for $5000
Auction closes 8:30pm on Sunday 28 June.