Jacqueline Aust + Kerry Francis, 20May-27June, Wellington

Solander Gallery are hosting an exhibition featuring Jacqueline Aust and Kerry Francis
from 20 May - 27 June, in Wellington.
Both artists will be attending the opening event, 5.30-7pm on Friday 22 May.

Jacqueline Aust: Look Out
Jacqueline's most recent work has been generated while working in Arenys de Munt, near Barcelona, Spain.
"The act of drawing a narrative generated from the interplay of shapes and a sense of movement 
from fluttering fabric, or lightly made expressive marks, has interested me for some time. 
My residency in Spain enabled me to explore this interaction, 
and its effect on compositional arrangements, on a much larger scale. 
The rich blacks made possible by a carborundum technique lends itself to constrained architectural forms, 
which in many of the Look Out works, act as a foil to lively mark making. 
In others, narrative associations are drawn out of implied landscapes and built form. 
Occasional bird skulls provide a recogniseable link to previous work, 
and a point from which to begin a new story."
Jacqueline Aust, Look Out, 2015 
Intaglio and relief, 94x48cm

Jacqueline Aust, Benthams Premise I, 2015 
Intaglio and chine colle, 124x90cm, AP

 Kerry Francis: SUMpictures
Architect Kerry Francis exhibits a suite of lithographs 
created at the Auckland Print Studio with master printmaker John Pusateri.
"Architecture is the discipline in which I have spent the whole of my working life. 
As an architect I have always drawn - architectural drawings are loaded with meaning; 
they are dense graphic codes for the translation of information from one medium to another 
(from paper or digital surface to concrete and timber). 
Equally, as architects, we represent buildings - we do not make them - there are always others involved, 
and it is in these ways the collaborative processes of making prints 
has natural resonances with the processes of making architecture. 
The prints and drawings on show play with the codes generated by marks...
they are constructed surfaces where marks both sink and swim in the warm white of the sheet...
they are traces of the calculating marks that are scratched on brick walls o
f abandoned buildings or printed in the sharp black ink of product labels...
marks that record and records that mark...they are sum pictures."
Kerry Francis, Tablet, 2015
Lithograph, 34x21cm