Wansolwara, 24Jan-21Feb, Pukekohe

 Wansolwara is being exhibited at New Zealand Steel Gallery in Franklin Arts Centre, 
from Saturday 24 January to 21 February.
Wansolwara is also including a round table discussion with curators and artists 
at 11am on Saturday 14 February. This is a free event with refreshments provided.

The exhibition title, Wansolwara comes from the Solomon Islands pijin dialect meaning 'one salt water
and with it notions of one ocean, one people, one place. 
Having spent some time in the Solomon Islands working with print and papermaking projects, 
the imagery used by local artists almost always depicts how the way of life is so dependent on water - 
as a food source, as a mean of transportation and as part of a rich cultural mythology.
Artists from Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, India, Korea, Samoa and the Solomon Islands 
are represented in this exhibition, including local artist Esther Hansen. 
They offer new interpretations of the theme 'a sense of place' and solid reasoning behind their thinking. 
Collectively Wansolwara is a diverse, wide ranging and challenging print exhibition.

Curated by: Steve Lovett, Cerisse Palalangi and Struan Hamilton
Artists: Mita Gilbert, Sheree Stone, Rosemary Mortimer, Neil Emmerson, Christine Wylie, Antonia O’Mahony,
 Irena Keckes, Damon Kawolsky, Jacqueline Aust, Posi Prasad, Emma McLellan, Hyun Ju Kim,
 Suho Yoo, John McKaig, Deborah Crowe, Nofo Me Fale, Faith McManus, Christopher White,
 Lee Brogan, Gabrielle Belz, Sheyne Tuffery, Luisa Tora, Ruby Oakley, Tom Ludvigson, Elle Anderson,
 Chad Andrews, Val Cuthbert, Mark Graver, Esther Hansen, Marion Wassenaar, Winston Shacklock