EIPW 2015

The Elam International Printmaking Workshop (EIPW 2015) 
will bring together respected printmakers from around the globe to celebrate this unique art form. 
In conjunction with Elam students, staff and the wider arts community, 
they will produce original new works across the full range of printmaking techniques, 
culminating in a major exhibition at the Gus Fisher Gallery. 

Fifteen leading tertiary arts providers will be represented at the workshop. 
EIPW 2015 will be organised as a two-weeks live studio project 
in which visiting artists/academics and Elam staff will work side-by-side in the Elam printmaking studios 
(which include facilities for etching, screen-printing and stone lithography). 

There are a number of events that are open to the public: EIPW 2015 Featured Lectures

Mandy Bonnell
21 January, 1-2pm
at Elam Lecture Theatre, 20 Whittaker Place, Auckland City

Join Mandy Bonnell as she discusses her interest in printmaking, her influences and historical references. 
"I am interested in the book as an art form, which has for me a historical affinity 
with the tradition of the sample or pattern book, in use for hundreds of years. 
Originally produced to contain explorative examples of assorted textile patterns and needlepoint 
often taken from plant life, these books were also used for detailed investigative scientific drawings 
and recordings of nature to document the natural world."

 Conditional Spaces: Bettina van Haaren
22 January, 1-3pm
at Elam Lecture Theatre, 20 Whittaker Place, Auckland City

This lecture by Bettina van Haaren will discuss her own practice 
as Professor of Painting, Drawing and Printmaking at Dortmund. 
“As an artist, I explore subject-object relations in my artwork. 
The work takes its starting points from inner experiential reality 
and from direct sensory perception of the world. 
The subject, the self-image, is figured in terms of my observation of objects in isolation 
or in combination with other objects that surround and determine them."

 Songlines and Graphic Diplomacy: Printmaking stories from across the ditch
Michael Kempson and Joseph Scheer
23 January, 12-2pm
at Elam Lecture Theatre, 20 Whittaker Place, Auckland City

Michael Kempson is an artist, curator and collaborative printer living in Sydney, Australia 
and is currently a Senior Lecturer of Printmaking at University of New South Wales Australia Art & Design. 
Kempson initiates printmaking projects as the Director of Cicada Press, 
an educationally based custom-printing research group at UNSW Art & Design, such as;
Songlines is an Australian Aboriginal idea of interconnected pathways used in singing the story of creation. 
This talk will discuss the linked relationships of a print press from one art school in Australia. 
Cicada Press, a pedagogical experiment involving active student participation, 
facilitates engagement through printmaking with Australian Aboriginal communities; 
oceanic conservation projects in New Zealand; mainstream opportunities for artists with disabilities; 
and international projects and exhibitions in many countries. 

Joseph Scheer is a Professor of Print Media and Co-Director/Founder of the Institute for Electronic Arts 
at the School of Art and Design, Alfred University, New York. 
His lecture will discuss his current body of work "Imaging Biodiversity" 
and the print work that has been produced at The Institute for Electronic Arts 
and how technology has been changing the field of Print Media.
Imaging Biodiversity consisting of prints and video produced over the past decade is collectively called . 
It is about seeing the things that live on our planet in a particular intense way. 
This happens by using extreme resolution, extended focus and enlargements 
through scanning and HD Video that are the critical technical elements of Joseph's working process.

Mark Harris and Michael Barnes
27 January, 12-2pm
at Elam Lecture Theatre, 20 Whittaker Place, Auckland City

Mark Harris lives and works in London. 
As Senior Lecturer at Kingston University he teaches both disciplines of Fine Art and Design. 
Working primarily with collage and print his work is informed by an interest in the journey of printed matter. 
His most recent series a continuous state refers to Utopian architecture, 
depicting imagined social and political building schemes. 

Michael Barnes' recent body of graphic works depicts figures and mechanisms that wander or are stranded within the vacuum that has been created for them by the world they exist in.  They are oblivious to not much other than their immediate surroundings and the menial tasks they are either assigned or have voluntarily adopted to cope with their existence or potentially even advance it for the better.  The work addresses in part, the destructive nature and absurdities that so readily prevail amongst human kind, along with themes of mortality and the psychological questions of existence in general.  The images also deal with concerns of the environment, social decay towards a very inward and isolated path, (while supposedly becoming more “global”), and an overall cynical depiction of the historical evolution of so called civilization and its effects upon the world and its inhabitants. 

Leigh Clarke
28 January 
Leigh Clarke was appointed Senior Lecturer in Academic and Research at the London College of Communication in 2003. In 2012 he was appointed Printmaking Tutor at the Royal Academy Schools.
His initial training as an artist began in printmaking alongside a potential career as a stand up comedian. That early combination of activities created the foundations of his practice today and has influenced the cross-fertilization of satire and reprographics.

Irena Keckes
28 January, 3-4pm
at Elam Lecture Theatre, 20 Whittaker Place, Auckland City
Taking mokuhanga (Japanese woodcut) as a starting point,
this presentation discusses print installations that Irena created
during her PhD candidacy at Elam School of Fine Arts, since 2011. 
She will discuss how her practice of using woodcut evolved towards an 'expanded field of print'. 

Gus Fisher Gallery EIPW 2015 Exhibition Opening
 30 January - 28 February
EIPW 2015 is a two-week live studio project in which visiting artists/academics and Elam staff will work side-by-side in the Elam printmaking studios, and an exhibition of the work made during the Workshop will be exhibited at the Gus Fisher Gallery 

 Mariana Smith
31 January, 3-4pm
at Elam Lecture Theatre, 20 Whittaker Place, Auckland City

Mariana Smith will discuss her own studio practice
and the challenges of re-contextualizing the printmaking discipline within the contemporary art and academy.
The inherent characteristics of the print like imprinting, multiplicity, reproduction, dissemination,
and democratization have attracted artists who would not even consider themselves printmakers.
Her studio practice combines large-scale drawings, prints, miniature paintings on copper, and video projections. 
For EIPW 2015 Mariana will embed prints and their copper matrix in the gallery wall.
Presenting the etching matrix, traditionally invisible in relation to the printed image,
she intends to address the printmaking as sculptural and temporal.