Chris Adams, 20Aug-20Sept, Wellington

 Spirit of Place is an exhibition of new mezzotint prints by Chris Adams,
at Solander Gallery in Wellington from 20 August to 20 September

"These mezzotints celebrate the landscape of Wellington, 
a meeting-place of a geologically active land with the dramatic seas and skies of Cook Strait. 
Emigrants to this New World have radically modified the land, 
revealing its innate muscularity and sensual forms, 
but also leaving poignant remnants of the forest and their own strange monuments to the past 
– the spirit of place. 
The mezzotints are arranged to accompany an imagined emigrant (the Gerontius of one print) 
through arrival, a new life’s challenges and on departure, repose."

Chris Adams, Summer - Rock Point, 2013
Mezzotint, 30x40cm, edition of 15