Product: SolarFast (Light-Sensitive Dye)

Jacquard Products in USA just released a new product called SolarFast in August. 
It’s an easy-to-use, light-sensitive dye that can be applied to fabric or paper
to create photograms, continuous tone photographs, shadow prints, etc.

This would be a great product for textiles and for teaching,
as images can be exposed directly onto the paper/wood/fabric
without the need to print through a screen.
Great for those who want textile prints without access to equipment,
or for workshops with children and artists!

As the product has only just been released a month ago in USA,
I haven't been able to find suppliers yet 
but I'll keep you informed and perhaps we can play with it here in NZ soon.
Check out these ultra-cheesey promo videos that show you how it works:

I can't wait to get my hands on some to make some prints!
Any of you interested??

100 Golden Yellow104 Red108 Teal112 Brown
101 Orange105 Violet109 Green113 Black
102 Burnt Orange106 Purple110 Avocado
103 Scarlet107 Blue111 Sepia