Faith McManus & Sheyne Tuffery, 31July-7Sept, Wellington

Exhibitions by Faith McManus and Sheyne Tuffery 
are almost ready to open at Solander Gallery in Wellington. 
Opening event is 5.30-7pm on Wednesday 31 July.

Faith McManus: Not a post-colonial Poodle
Faith's exhibition ponders the question; "What if the French had colonised Aotearoa/ New Zealand?
 I am only thinking about the pleasurable bits here: 
food, wine, fashion, art, poodles and high standards of grooming. 
The French Poodle as metaphor and sign has allowed me to ask serious questions in a playful way
 and offset the gloom of the recession. Yes, that does sound a little Marie Antoinette. 
But my questions include; what is valuable? And what do we value? 
I have adapted the Diamante poodle brooch – all sparkle and shine."

Sheyne Tuffery: USO and the Dragonslayer
Inspired by his 3D motion graphic work at the city gallery 'Ghost in the Machine'. 
Sheyne's exhibition depicts themes of romanticism in Polynesian chiefs, 
with a notable influence of John Webber, official artist on Captain Cook's fourth fatal voyage. 
These works chart the implications of traditional Samoan chiefly roles in a modern world.