100 Days Project NZ

Hey NZ Printmakers,
I just heard about this interesting project that you may want to do:
It's called the "100 Days Project".
It starts on 7 June, ending with a celebration on 14 September 2013.

You set yourself a creative task then do it for 100 days
(make it manageable, such as making a print/artwork of a set size, 10x10cm or A4)
Each day must be documented in some way (artwork or photo).

Here's a video of Emma Rogan talking about the project
at TEDx Auckland, published Dec 2012 
(if you're short on time, I recommend you start at 2mins):

It sounds a great way to encourage yourself to be creative + play
while also the challenge of being disciplined,
and to get lots of experiments made without so much emphasis on the end product.

See their website 100daysproject.co.nz if you want to join.