Website Help for NZ Printmakers

Hey NZ Printmakers, have you got an artist website??? 
If you have a website, add a comment below with the address so we can admire your prints! 
Or maybe it was on your list of New Year's resolutions to get around to it???

Many NZ artists haven't yet realised the advantages of having a website:
Your images and info are immediately available to anyone, 24 hours, 365 days a year.
Websites reach a broader audience than you could meet in a lifetime, national & international.
Websites are cheaper and more up-to-date than printed catalogues.
You can make it both 'self-service' for browsers, and interactive if you want feedback.
You can promote your exhibitions, and fans can subscribe to your latest news.
Make it easier for people to find your contact details, images and information,
to promote links to your artworks or projects via email or Facebook.

But I know it can be daunting... where to start?
If you are interested in getting help to establish your artist website
(approx 5 gallery pages, unlimited images + artist profile & contact page)
I can offer you a special one-off, low-cost solution to get you get started,
without needing any special web design programmes or ongoing costs.
You can edit yourself for free, anytime, from anywhere in the world
or link to your own domain name...

So if you're a NZ Printmaker and want to get started, then click here to send me an email.
I can show you an example and discuss various options depending on your requirements.