NZ Painting & Printmaking Award, 15-28Feb, Hamilton

The New Zealand Painting & Printmaking Award (NZPPA)
is NZ’s most valuable award for resident artists in the fields of painting and printmaking, 
with a prize of $20,000 which is announced on the opening night of the exhibition.

The judge for 2013 is Blair French who is the Executive Director of Artspace in Sydney
and he has chosen around 50 works from the several hundred works
submitted many of New Zealand’s contemporary artmakers
(though I heard there were only 3 print works included this year).

The exhibition is FREE to the public and features a Peoples’ Choice award,
wins a prize of art materials donated by Gordon Harris
so I encourage you all to go vote for the prints!

At the Pavillion in the Hamilton Gardens, from 15-28 February.