Sam Broad, 23Jan-23Feb, Wellington

Sam Broad's exhibition, Paper, Scissors, Rock and Roll
is on from 23 January to 23 February at Solander Gallery in Wellington
The opening function is on Wednesday 23 January from 5.30-7pm. 
Sam will be at the opening if you'd like to meet him.

Sam Broad explores the ridiculous in this exhibition of new woodcuts. 

Sam Broad, Buzzbomb, 2011
Woodcut, 21x21cm

"Born less from a populist uprising, more a popular exhaustion, 
these works propose a militarisation of childhood and economics. 
The worker, the queen and the hive have their futures assured in the comfy hierarchy of the colony. 
Pretty pics, ugly themes, c’mon Mum and Dad investors, wherever you are, 
accumulate, accumulate, accumulate (Sam Broad’s Artworks!). 
Photons guaranteed. Provide your own Rods and Cones."