Toothfish Exhibition, 12-30Oct, Wellington

Here's an interesting exhibition you might like to check out...

The international sheep artist currently known as Toothfish
is having an exhibition opening from 5.30-7.30pm on Friday 12 October
at Photospace Gallery, Level 1, 37 Courtenay Place, Wellington. 
The show will run till 30 October.

It features posters, prints, paintings and masks by Toothfish and its acolytes. 

Photospace Gallery owner James Gilberd has never actually met
the ‘international’ street artist (or artists) who operate under the name Toothfish.

“I heard about Toothfish from an artist friend in London,
who organised a Toothfish exhibition earlier in 2012.
This friend had never met the artist either.
All he can now tell me is of dealing with a person
wearing what looked to be a mask made from a horse’s skull.
The artist refused to remove the mask, which was hampering communication,
and she even denied that it was in fact a mask."
So, Toothfish is not your average street artist.
Toothfish posters have appeared all over the world.  

A few examples of Toothfish posters documented around the world:
L-R: Paris, India, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, NewYork

If you can't make it to see the show,
you can still check out more information about the Toothfish project
on their website: