In Transit, 7-27Sept, Nelson

In Transit is opening at RED Gallery in Nelson
 at 5.30pm on Friday 7 September and the exhibition runs until the 27 September.

This exhibition of new works by Lisa Chandler is based on a three day art project
she undertook at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in April this year.
Chandler wandered the airport through a series of random and planned walks,
gaining invaluable insight into the transitory nature of this generic space.
As a new development in Chandler's art practice
she is excited to be presenting a series of works of paper.
These new works continue her exploration of image making
to evoke the passage of people through non-places, in a combination of printmaking and collage.
Chandler chose printmaking, as a key aspect of this medium
is the layering of one printed image over the top of another,
a process which is very similar to the layering and obliteration techniques she employs in her painting.
For this series she uses the printmaking techniques of monotype and collograph.
The subtractive monotype technique of wiping ink off the plate prior
to printing offers wonderful painterly marks and the opportunity for the unexpected to occur.
This unknown quality increases as each layer is added and makes each finished print unique.

The collage elements of the prints are taken from the photographs she took at KLIA.
As part of the exhibition, Chandler is giving a floor talk at 2pm on Saturday 15th September.