Biblia Abiblia, til 3Sept, Christchurch

This exhibition is part of The Press Christchurch Writers' Festival 2012
and can be viewed until 3 September in the Atrium and Library.

Biblia Abiblia (books that are not books) provokes and challenges us in our perceptions
of what makes a book, by introducing people to non-traditional techniques of book making.
Art and altered books may be unfamiliar to some, and the challenge of this format
coupled with the challenge to the viewer of where to for the book from here
will inform some stimulating thought and debate.
You have the opportunity to learn about the techniques of art books.

The Altered Books exhibited have been specifically created
from books that are no longer in use by the CPIT Library for Biblia Abiblia by invited artists
Bing Dawe, Graham Bennett, Maureen Lander, Wayne Youle and Tony Bond, Katharina Jaeger,
Kiri Te Wake, Phil Aitken, Carol King Dorothee Pauli and Ying Hua Jiang.

Biblia Abiblia exhibition showcases a selection of student work
from the Book Art and Printmaking programme that is part of the Bachelor of Design at CPIT,
taught by Michael Reed Printmaker and Senior Academic Staff Member
and Ying Hua Jiang who has extensive knowledge and experience
in the art of bookmaking in both European and Asian traditions.
Jiang is a well-regarded local practitioner of bookbinding/making.

Visitors to the exhibition maybe surprised to discover the breadth of the CPIT Artwork Collection
which includes several artists’ books with works from British artist Ron King
and the 12 Laments and One by Hone Tuwhare and 12 New Zealand printmakers
on show alongside works loaned from private collections, by national and international artists.
Completing the show is photographic and filmed footage
of the processes involved in the making of a handmade book,
and showing the complete contents of the books on display.