Aust & Bryant, 24Apr-2June, Wellington

Solander Gallery in Wellington invite you to the opening 
of the Jacqueline Aust & Michele Bryant exhibitions, 
from 5.30-7pm on Tuesday 24 April.  
The exhibitions will be on until 2 June.

Jacqueline Aust, Still Life with Gannet Bones, 2012
Etching, edition of 10.

Jacqueline Aust: Still Life
Jacqueline Aust’s series of etchings draw on the principles of Dutch still-life painting 
using pictorial elements such as the bones of native birds 
to warn against behaviours that reduce our rare species to delicate remains. 
As symbols they carry messages that delicately flutter between life and death, 
warm and chill, stillness and movement.

Michele Bryant: The Considerations
Michele's work often centres around the idea of decision-making
 as a constant and shifting process, 
dependent on any one time on a number of variables that surround us. 
We may try to be constant or consistent, but there are always considerations, 
large or small, that influence where and how we live our lives.