Wright Brothers: Printers

I read this post on Printeresting the other day.
It was the first time I'd heard that the infamous Wright Brothers were printers!
so I thought I'd share it with you printmakers:
Everyone knows why the Wright Brothers had the technical expertise 
and persistence to succeed where others had failed, right? 
First they operated a bicycle repair shop, and soon manufactured bikes of their own. 
Eventually, in that shop in Ohio, they took to tinkering with airfoil design, 
and the rest is history!

But did you know what was on the second floor of that bicycle shop? 
That’s right: a print studio...

The Wrights’ interest in print was in fact “their first love,” 
The boys started their first printing operation as teens, 
printing newsletters, and apparently made woodcuts even as children. 
This is a pretty adorable woodcut of a cat by a young Wilbur Wright:
Very interesting!