Fatu Feu'u, 14-23March, Christchurch

The Exhibition Ola runs from 14-23 March at Ilam Campus Gallery 
There is an opening preview of these works by Fatu Feu'u  
5.30pm tomorrow night Tuesday 13 March.
And there is also a floor talk at 1pm Wednesday 14 March if you are in Christchurch.

To mark the 15 years of the Macmillan Brown Pacific Artist in residence programme, 
Fatu Feu'u (the first recipient in 1996) returned to Christchurch 
to complete a second residency in 2011. 
As part of this, Feu'u researched and wrote a new body of poetry 
which will be published accompanied by paintings and a series of lithographs. 

In post-earthquake Christchurch the issues concerning the 
creative re-growth and rebuilding of a community 
have been of particular concern to Fatu Feu'u. 

Ola, explains the artist, explores the affection for or love we have for where we come from. 
A Samoan word that functions as both noun and verb, Ola means 'life' and 'to create life.' 
Feu'u plays with the two merging concepts of Ola in his exhibition, 
exploring the human capacity to love, hope and grow in times of adversity.