Open Print Studio Day, 19 Nov, Takapuna

 Studio Printmakers' Collective are having an 'Open Day' 
next Saturday 19 November at their Print Studio 
which is located in the Barracks Building of the Lake House Arts Centre
37 Fred Thomas Dr, Takapuna, Auckland 

The studio is set up primarily for intaglio and relief printing 
although it can also accommodate screenprinting.
It is equipped with 2 etching presses,1 book press, 2 large printing tables,
facilities for acid etching with vented acid box, UV light for screen exposure, 
an extensive printmaking library, including Imprint and Printmaking Today magazines.

The Print studio has several membership options you could consider, 
which allow you to: take part in Collective workshops, promotion on their website,
display artworks for sale in Lake House facilities,
take part in group exhibitions or print-related events put on by the Collective,
and to hire the print studio on a casual basis.

Studio Printmakers' Collective includes:
Carolyn Shaw, Patricia Grove-Hills, Catriona Caird, Diana Coleman,
Julienne Francis, Katherine Moyles, Prue MacDougall, Alex Lau, Trish Epati,
Michael Yoffe, Lianne Chua, Susanne Khouri, Susan Hurrell-Fieldes.

Any printmakers in Auckland would be very welcome to attend the Open Day
 if you are interested in finding out a little more about joining the Collective.


Anonymous said…
Hello, do you know what hours the open day runs for?
NZ Printmakers said…
I'm not sure of the exact time, however the LakeHouse Gallery is open from 10am-3pm, so perhaps it is a similar time?

Either try phoning the LakeHouse OR email any of the artists in the Studio Printmakers' Collective :)
(or if anyone from the Studio Printmakers' Collective reads this, perhaps they can reply to this post with the time!)