Print Studios in Melbourne

During this week I have had a great time checking out print studios here in Melbourne...

Monash University, where the Impact7 conference was held,
had a typical set up for an educational printmaking studio,
with a workshop including presses and a few digital printers etc.

I also got to see the Australian Print Workshops studio,
which have 8 presses of various sizes and functions (etching, litho, relief) 
an impressive workshop which is bright, spacious, well organised and very clean.

Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne

I briefly stopped in at Port Jackson Press to see some work by
ex-NewZealander Milan Milojevic exhibition called Theatrum.

Milan Milojevic, from the series Theatrum, 2011

And today I spent the day at Baldessin Press in St Andrews, just north of Melbourne.
Not only do they have a great studio in a peaceful bush setting,
and amazing resident artists (including Silvi Glattauer & ex-kiwi photographer Lloyd Godman)
where you can either work independently or take classes,
plus they also have 3 different accommodation options if you want to go on a printmaking 'retreat'.

One of the etching presses at Baldessin
has a printing bed of 200x100cm
it was handmade and is motorised!  

I am keen to see more printmaking studios around New Zealand too,
so if you have a printing press that you would like to tell us about
then please email me and I'll spread the word for you.