Letterpress Workshop, 26 Nov, Auckland

Graham Judd is offering a Letterpress Workshop 
on Saturday 26 November in Birkenhead, Auckland.
This workshop is open to all levels of experience.
Cost is $140 plus GST per person, max of 4 people.

Our one day letterpress workshops are in two parts...

Part 1: Handset and print type in a creative way (9.30am-12.30pm)
Jumping straight in, participants will draw on an eclectic collection 
of lead and wood type and ornaments, to design and print a page of a font catalogue. 
This is a hands on, learning as you go, workshop 
with the expertise of Graham Judd and Lesley Smith.

Part 2: Letterpress Postcard (1-4pm)
Participants will design and produce a set of personal cards 
with their own choice of subject. 
This is an opportunity to choose a quote from a book, a favourite poem etc

*There is also a Christmas Card Workshop 
planned for Saturday 3 December,
so if you are interested in either of these two courses
and register your interest now to avoid missing out!