Periodic Table On Show, 13 Sept - 21 Oct, Nelson

I was recently told about this collaborative project which will be on show in NZ,
involving 38 Tasmanian printmakers
 who produced editions of the 112 elements of the Periodic Table
based on information provided by 79 chemists.

Periodic Table
Made by 38 printmakers from Tasmania

The finished "Table" is touring Australia and New Zealand
and will be in Nelson at the Nelson Provincial Museum from 13 September - 21 October
and in Palmerston North at Te Manawa from 24 October - 21 November.
Here's a few examples:

Hydrogen the first element to form after the Big Bang
and the source of energy within all stars.
All other elements in the Universe 
were forged from fusions within stars and 
from supernova when the stars collapsed and exploded. 
The periodic table has to start with a star!

Manganese: The first connection between chemistry 
and art traces back to Paleolithic times 
when mineral pigments were used in rock paintings. 
The most common rock art element 
found around the world is the human hand. 
The black colour was made using manganese dioxide

Germanium: Today Germanium is mainly used for 
fibre optic communication networks and
 infrared night vision systems. These super powers – 
the ability to speak around the world with a single click 
and to see in the dark as though it were light – 
inspired this comic book tribute to Germanium

What a great initiative to link art and science!
Maybe will give you teachers some inspiration?!

For those of you unable to get to Nelson or Palmerston North,
the Royal Australian Chemistry Institute website has an interactive version,
when you click on each element it shows the print and the information,
see it here at
I recommend you have a look, I think it is quite clever!