Carole Shepheard Talk, 10 Nov, Hamilton

I know it seems a long way off, but you may want to put this in your diary now:
7pm on 10 November the University of Waikato has a talk about printmaking
in their 'Demystifying the Arts' series, called 

Carole Shepheard
Photo by Jacqui Blanchard

Heather Bramwell will be talking with New Zealand printmaker Carole Shepheard
about the changes that have occurred in printmaking over the past two decades.
The artists will talk about the impact of new technologies

and the need for print to evolve, adapt and extend
if it wishes to be part of contemporary debate.

This does not mean a loss of tradition or convention,
but a willingness to embrace new possibilities
– both digital and autographic –
that accommodate invention, challenge and risk.
It is an exciting time for printmakers who wish to face these challenges
openly, constructively and creatively.

It is being held at Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts
at University of Waikato, Knighton Rd (Uni Gate 2b), Hamilton.
Bar facility open from 5pm, $5 Entry Fee

I'm sure it will be a very interesting talk, so I encourage you to go!
Perhaps organise a group and share transport.