NZ Printmakers in Lessedra Mini Print 2011

Congratulations to these 5 NZ Printmakers
whose works (listed below) were recently accepted to the Lessedra Mini Print 2011!
I thought you might like to see a few images from these NZ Printmakers:

Changeling I, 2011, Screen Print (Unique), 10x10cm
Changeling II, 2011, Screen Print (Unique), 10x10cm
Changeling III, 2011, Screen Print (Unique), 10x10cm

Emma McLellan, Changeling, 2011
Pecking Order, 2011, Solar Plate Etching, 25x20cm
Enamour, 2011, Solar Plate Etching, 15.5x12.5cm
The Beginning and The End, 2011, Solar Plate Etching, 27x21 cm

Prue Mac Dougall, Enamour, 2011

Untitled I, 2010, Collagraph, Graphite, 16x10.5cm
Untitled II, 2010, Collagraph, Graphite, 16x10.5cm
Twin Single (Bed Heads), 2010, Collagraph, 15.3x21cm

Rebecca Thomson, photo with artworks
(specific entry photo not available)

Untitled (Punch Out # 0502113302011), 2011, 
Screen Print (9 Color) over Hand-finished Digital Ground, 18x18cm 
Untitled (Punch # 080302011.114-110), 2011, 
Color Screen Print over Hand-applied and Hand-finished Digital Ground, 18x18cm 
Untitled (Punch Trough # 111306032011), 2011, 
Screen Print over Hand-applied and Hand-finished Digital Ground, 18x18cm

Stephen Lovett, Untitled (Punch Out # 0502113302011)2011

Leitmotiv Series – Lessedra I, 2011, Monoprint, 19x25cm
Leitmotiv Series – Lessedra II, 2011, Monoprint, 19x25cm

Susan Hurrell Fieldes, Leitmotiv Series I & II, 2011

Well done!
Such a great variety of images and techniques,
we are very proud of you!